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Charlie Sheen May be in a Heap of Trouble

So, anyone who marries Charlie Sheen after this is an idiot. Because this thing with Brooke Mueller is not going to last, and any marriage to Sheen just spells drama and trouble. This whole incident of Charlie beating the crap out of Brooke has led to a whole downward spiral of events that all equal […]

Another Wife Beater Does His “Time”

In this case, the wife beater is Charlie Sheen and the “time” he’s doing, is marriage counseling. Yep, I guess it’s okay to straddle your wife and choke her, as long as you’re willing to talk to some stranger about it more than a month later. Oh and sorry, he’s also going to AA. Good […]

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Act Civil

It’s a sad state of affairs when two parents can sit down to dinner together, act civilly to each other, and it makes news! Well, it made news because it is extremely shocking that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen could put aside their immature and petty differences, accusations, and special nicknames for each other, to sit down […]

Denise Richards Officially Can’t Use her Kids Anymore

I don’t know why it’s taken this long for someone to put an end to Denise Richards constantly using her kids for her own personal gain. Either she’s using them as a weapon to attack her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, or she’s using them to get ratings for that awful reality TV show she has, Denise Richards: It’s […]

Just when I was Starting to Like Him

Driving Denise Crazy

Charlie Sheen has announced that he and his wife, Brooke Mueller are expecting and although the news isn’t really about Denise Richards, you know damn well that she will do her utmost to make sure that it is! She’s just so extremely childlish that I’m sure she’ll use this new streak of jealousy to call […]

The Latest on Divorces and Divorcees

It seems that the world of hookups and breakups in Hollywood has been busy focusing on the breakup side of things. Just when people are starting to get over the Madonna/Guy Ritchie drama, all kinds of celebrities are coming out of the woodwork announcing separations and divorces. Others who have recently joined the list of […]

Denise Richards Ships Her Kids Off to Therapy

You really have to hand it to Denise Richards. Instead of trying to have a somewhat civil divorce from ex-hubby Charlie Sheen, she slanders him in public, throws horrible accusations at him, lies, and is just plain mean. Then, thinking that maybe it’s having some ill repercussions on their two daughters, Sam who’s four and […]

Charlie Sheen Now a Married Man

On Friday, in a quiet ceremony in Beverly Hills, Charlie Sheen got married to Brooke Mueller. The night marked the third weddding for Sheen who has also been married to model Donna Peele and in 2002 he married Denise Richards, with whom he is now having very ugly and very public fights. Sheen and Mueller […]

Richards and Sheen Can’t Play Nice

The whole debacle of Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen is just ridiculous. This is a mess that, their adorable children aside, never should have happened. Generally, stars don’t like to have their personal lives splashed across every magazine and newspaper. But Sheen and Richards seize the opportunity to publicly slander each other and show the […]

Denise Richards Turns Charlie Sheen Into A Fairy

With her magic wand! Poof! Okay, maybe not with her magic wand, but with a little bit of help from her friends over at Kat Von D’s L.A. Ink tattoo parlour, and their magic wands… The little Charlie tattoo on Denise Richards‘ ankle is gone, baby, gone! From TMZ: “When celeb couples break up, there […]

Denise Richards; World’s Oldest High School Girl?

Despite popular belief amongst male fans, Denise Richards is 36 years old, not 21. She has also put on very convincing performances as a high school girl, in a few films, including Wild Things. Well, Denise is apparently continuing her career as an actress by continuing to behave like a vicious high school girl. From […]

Denise Richards Doesn’t Want Charlie Sheen Alone With Their Kids

Will the drama never end? In the latest installment in what has got to be one of the most protracted break-ups EVER, Denise Richards filed papers asking the court to bar Charlie Sheen from keeping their two daughters overnight. Denise alleges that Charlie exhibits “inappropriate conduct.” Inappropriate conduct? From Charlie Sheen? You must be joking! […]

Just in case you wanted to marry Charlie Sheen or Denise Richards…

You’ll be happy to know that Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are now free to marry whomever they want. According to legal documents filed, their marriage status is over. The two still have to split their assets and arrange a custody arrangement, but the good news is they are no long estranged spouses…they are officially […]

Richie Sambora wants to get serious…

Richie Sambora…You give love a bad name..bad name.. Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora admitted yesterday that he hopes his seven month relationship with Denise Richards is the ‘real deal’. He also said he wants more children. (Sambora currently has one 8 year old daughter, Ava, with estranged wife, Heather Locklear) When asked if that meant […]

Denise Richards & Pamela Anderson film movie

Denise Richards & Charlie Sheen: Dunzo..AGAIN!