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Demi and Ashton on Ridiculous Cleanse

There’s always been something that bugs me about Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I can’t say exactly what it is. The age difference doesn’t even matter to me. They just always seem to act like they’re so much better than everyone else and Demi’s always preaching about being “all-natural” and “organic” like if you’re not, you should be […]

Demi Moore Touts Her Own Bravery

I’m really getting sick of Demi Moore. She’s one of those actresses that I used to really admire and respect and Ghost and Indecent Proposal were movies that I once thoroughly enjoyed. But, today Demi is just a has-been who is famous for being a cougar that’s married to Ashton Kutcher. And I guess she […]

Add Another Weirdo to the Bunch

I must be feeling especially cynical lately because I just can’t seem to get excited about, or even be happy for, celebrity couples that are getting engaged, getting married, having babies, blah blah blah. The latest headlines, including Charlie Sheen and his newest custom-ordered babies, have just been so weird and wacky that I just can’t […]

Connor Cruise Bonds with his Dad

In Creepy News of the Day

I think Rumer Willis will always be one of those people I just don’t quite get. Whenever we see her, she’s talking about really weird things such as how she’s not a lesbian and other than being the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she’s not really famous for anything. Which I suppose is fine for […]

Shocking New Couple Alert!!

So what would you think about it if Paris Hilton hooked up with George Clooney? It’s an odd combination but one that I might not be all that uncomfortable with. Paris turns into whoever she’s dating – she was the proper princess when she was engaged to that clone of hers, she became a rocker chic when she […]

Rumer is getting Rumors of her Own

As much as I love both of her parents, what were Bruce Willis and Demi Moore thinking when they decided that the child of two of the biggest stars in the world should be named Rumer?!? Okay, now that that’s off my chest, yes, Rumer Willis has indeed begun sparking rumors of her own. The […]

Is Cher the next Demi Moore?

Okay well of course Cher doesn’t actually want to be Demi Moore since the two women couldn’t be more different. Except in one area that is – the age they like their men! It seems just as Moore found her true love in Ashton Kutcher, Cher may have found the same in her new beau, […]

Christina Aguilera is in Love – With Her Boobs!

This is definitely marked on my list of “Grossest Things I’ve Seen Today.” Christina Aguilera is breastfeeding her son, Max and is partly doing it for reasons that have nothing to do with the infant’s nutrition. From The Pop Crunch Show, “Christina Aguilera has a “Dirty” plan for hanging on to her ample post-pregnancy bosom. […]

Why Celebrities Get a Bad Rep

It’s true, mention the word “celebrity” and automatically people think of someone that is rich, famous, spoiled and more often than not, stupid. These may be generalizations but there are lots of celebrities out there that prove this to be very true. Here are the top stories of stupid celebrities this week. attended a teen […]

Spelling Reveals It All

Tori Spelling has decided that it’s time to appear in the news for something other than getting shafted in her dad’s will. She has now stripped down to a bikini in a photo shoot with Startraks, a photo agency in Beverly Hills to reveal her pregnant belly. From SFGate, “The 34-year-old wife of actor Dean […]

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson: Making Up?

TMZ spied Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson strolling along together with their son, Ryder, in West Village. The ex-couple look fairly comfortable with each other, so perhaps some sort of reunion may be in the making. We can all hope for the best. From TMZ: “Not even something like le divorce can stop Kate Hudson […]

Jennifer Aniston And Orlando Bloom An Item?

“Porno Paparazzi Girl, I Don’tWanna Be A Stupid Girl…”

is still planning on eventually moving away from Pete Doherty. You know, after all the heroin implants they’ve been through together… for a whopping four days for her DUI charges. I wonder how long before she gets a mysterious illness too? Britney Spears takes her children for a vacation in Las Vegas without getting Kevin‘s […]