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LeAnn and Eddie are in Hiding No More!

Well there’s one thing clear about LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. Not only are they both homewreckers but they also like to move fast. Very, very fast. Not only did Eddie’s wife leave him shortly after the affair between her ex-husband and the singer went public, but LeAnn also left her husband, Dean Sheremet just […]

Another Homewrecker Tries to Defend Himself

Eddie Cibrian makes me sick. He’s the reason that the marriage between LeAnn Rimes and Dean Sheremet dissolved. Okay, LeAnn is also another huge reason why her marriage didn’t work out. But at least LeAnn isn’t coming to the media and talking about how unfair it is that everyone knows everything about her life. I […]

An Update on LeAnn and Dean

Twitter must be like a godsend to celebrities. It’s like a virtual post-it note where they can tell it like it is, and not let anyone put words in their mouth. Many celebrities use it, and idiots like John Mayer are infamous for overusing it and driving all of us to the point of insanity. […]

LeAnn and her Hubby Separate

Well this is perhaps the least shocking news of the day. Back in March, LeAnn Rimes was caught red-handed having an affair with her costar of a television movie, Eddie Cibrian. An attempt was made to shrug the whole thing off in the eyes of the media as LeAnn and her husband, Dean Sheremet appeared […]

Who’s the Psychopath Here?

The Rimes’ Sham Continues

Everything with LeAnn Rimes and her husband, Dean Sheremet, is fine, just fine. Never mind the fact that a month ago she had a hot, hot affair with her costar or the fact that LeAnn is unhappy in her marriage. Everything is fine. That’s what the couple wants you to believe anyway. But these two just don’t […]

I Hate Shams!

Just days after news of LeAnn Rimes’ affair with her movie costar, Eddie Cibrian, broke and in the midst of vicious rumors regarding the sexual orientation of LeAnn’s husband, Dean Sheremet, he and his wife step out (pardon the pun) to make out a little, but not without making sure that the paparazzi was nearby to get it […]

LeAnn Gets the 7-Year Itch

Reports of LeAnn Rimes’ hot and scandalous affair with her co-star of the TV movie “Northern Lights” that they’re filming, Eddie Cibrian, have been blasted across just about every…well, thing that you can think of ever since US reported the news yesterday. The response from all parties involved has been quick, although somewhat contradicting.  The story goes that […]

Start Looking for LeAnn’s Bump

LeAnn Rimes has just recently talked openly about marriage and all that that brings, including starting a family. Not wanting to be an older mom, LeAnn at the ripe, young Hollywood age of 26, and her husband, Dean Sheremet, 27, have decided that it’s time for them to start working on their own baby bump. […]