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A Christmas Miracle! We No Longer Need to Hear from the Spelling Ladies!

For those who were sick to death of hearing Candy Spelling publicly humiliate her daughter, and her daughter, Tori somewhat retaliating (and who could blame her), it will delight you all to know that the feud between the famous Spelling women is over! This comes after Candy has blamed her daughter for Aaron Spelling’s death, rumors […]

Candy Spelling Rages at her Daughter Through TMZ

Candy Spelling makes me nauseous. Tori Spelling also used to turn my stomach some but, with the recent plays her mother has made in the media, I tend to feel bad for Tori and find myself rooting for her a tiny bit. In the past Candy has gone and talked to themedia about how the […]

Another Celebrity Mom tries to Make Rich

Celebrity families sure don’t operate as normal families do. Not only must you worry about every little thing you do ending up in a tell-all book but grandparents also don’t worry about spending time with their grandkids going to the park or baking cookies. Rather, that’s not what they’ll miss should they lose out on […]

Tori and her Mom just Can’t get Along

Tori Spelling has had a very roller coaster kind of relationship with both of her parents, Aaron Spelling and Candy Spelling. She had some sort of falling out with her dad and it was only 2 weeks before his death that they had managed to patch things up. However, there was severe discontent within the family, especially […]

Tori Spelling is Healthy Weight after Baby

It always makes me so mad when I see stars that have a baby and two weeks later, they’re running around Cabo in the skimpiest bikini they could find looking as though they’ve never eaten a cheeseburger, let alone given birth. It sets such an unnatural precedent for women who live in the real world […]

Spelling Welcomes Baby Girl Stella

Remember how about nine months ago it seemed that everyone in Hollywood was getting pregnant? Well naturally, that has led to a bit of a baby boom in Tinseltown lately. This past weekend saw Jessica Alba giving birth to a baby girl and now Tori Spelling has followed suit. She had her baby, also wrapped […]

Spelling Reveals It All

Tori Spelling has decided that it’s time to appear in the news for something other than getting shafted in her dad’s will. She has now stripped down to a bikini in a photo shoot with Startraks, a photo agency in Beverly Hills to reveal her pregnant belly. From SFGate, “The 34-year-old wife of actor Dean […]

The Top Ten Best Acts Of Celebrity Revenge!

10. Do you remember Brandy? You know … -sings a little- “The boy is mine…”? R&B hotty from the 90’s? Well, once upon a time, an ex-beau called her a–… well, a not so very nice name. Supposedly she found the perfect way to pay him back. Scratching his car. A little weak, don’t you […]

Tori & Dean: Doomed?

It’s amazing that Donna Martin graduated..because Tori Spelling isn’t very smart. According to the Ireland On-Line Tori Spelling and hubby, Dean McDermott are set to star in a reality TV show. The show, which will follow the newlyweds in a quest to buy and renovate a bed-and-breakfast while expecting the birth of their first child, […]