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Letterman a Bit More Somber on the Late Show

It was late last week that Dave Letterman beat con artists to the punch by coming out with his stories of sleeping with multiple younger women who worked on the show in the past. At the time, Dave seemed very cavalier about the whole thing and really seemed to just be trying to get his […]

Is What Dave Letterman Did Really So Bad?

So it came out on Thursday night’s Late Show that David Letterman has had affairs with some of the young females on his staff in the past. I have to admit, Letterman is a bit past my bedtime so, I wasn’t up to see his on-air admission. But it was everywhere the next day so […]

Matthew and Sarah Jessica are Getting Ready!

Matthew Broderick recently appeared on Letterman, where they both talked about the recent announcement that Matthew was going to be having twin girls with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker. Matthew opened up on how he’s nervous about having little pink things all over the house while they also talked about James Wilkie’s reaction to the bundles that are soon to […]

Letterman Becomes a Married Man

During what is supposed to be a ‘surprise’ announcement on his show in just a few hours, David Letterman will announce that last Thursday, he got married to the woman he’s been dating for 22 years, Regina Lasko. There’snothing to say about this story except that it’s very sweet, especially with the ceremony taking place in a […]