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Another Idol Scandal self care counselling

Well not only does American Idol provide us with some fine entertainment as we watch wanna-be’s become sombody’s but it is also full of what can smoking do to your teeth and of scandal. We all watched as David Hernandez made headlines a week ago when it came out that before the lush email address […]

Does American Idol Condescend To The Gay Community?

I recently happened upon a story from The Evil Beet, that I completely agree with, at least in the capacity that something is a little fishy. Apparently, David Hernandez, a contestant on American Idol has a pretty wild past; he used to be a male stripper for gay night clubs; –totally nude, none of those […]

Male Contestant, Male Stripper

American Idol is a way for unknowns to become household names. Each one of those contestants is getting more than their fifteen minutes of fame and generally, the more attention they receive the better. But what about if you’re a male contestant that was a stripper up until last September? And you stripped for men!?! Well […]