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Jesse James Seeks Sex Addiction Counseling

Remember when we told you that Jesse James had been pulled by over by a Californian police officer while on his way to Arizona? Apparently, Jesse was headed to sex rehab, where he is currently seeking sex addiction counseling. All of this in an effort to win back the love of Sandra Bullock and continue […]

David Duchovny and his Marriage on the Mend

So this is when Sexual Addiction Becomes a Problem

I guess there may have been a little more to David Duchovny’s sexual addiction than we all thought. It may not have been a simple case of a man wanting more in his pants than his marriage allowed, it could have actually acted on those wants! Such may be the case here as Duchovny’s ‘tennis […]

Sometimes Rehab Just Ain’t Enough

David Duchovny has been admitted and released from a sex rehab clinic and although there were rumors about his marriage to Tea Leoni being on the rocks long before then, it seems that those rumors are just now coming to light. They say that they have been separated for months and that they wanted to […]

Duchovny Speaks about Addiction

It must be catch-up weekend because everyone seems to be giving updates on the stories of the past week, which we always love and fully appreciate! David Duchovny was of course, checked into an addiction facility voluntarily just a few days ago and there was really nothing else said about it except for his plea […]

David Duchovny is a Sex Addict

I don’t know if this is funny or sad but David Duchovny has recently checked himself into a sex rehabilitation center. This is what the Chicago Tribune reported about it, “Tea Leoni’s husband, actor David Duchovny, has entered rehab for his sex addiction. Duchovny, 48, said he did it voluntarily, in a statement released Thursday […]

Anderson Pregnant with a Third

Gillian Anderson has been a busy bee lately. She has just announced that she is expecting again, just before she turns 40. The child will be the second for her and boyfriend Mark Griffiths who have a son named Oscar, born in 2002. Anderson also has a daughter, Piper, 13, from another marriage. Although this […]