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David Cook Cares What You Think About Him!

Everything I read today is just making me angry. Apparently, David Cook is willing to forego happiness in his own personal life, and drop people at the drop of a hat, all because you don’t like it. Yep. Let me preface this by saying that I love David Cook. I have been a big fan […]

One More Reason to Love David Cook!

The performance that I’ll never forget of David Cook’s on American Idol was the one that he dedicated to his brother, who is battling brain cancer, beforehand and used a pick that his brother had given him. The guitar he used that night also had his brother’s initials engraved onto it. It seems now David is willing to […]

David Cook Isn’t Feeling the Love

This story somewhat disappoints me as I am a huge fan of David Cook’s. But maybe his newfound stardom is going to his head a little bit. He first blew off his relationship with girlfriend, Kimberly Caldwell, so that he could be a free man and explore his options and now it seems, he doesn’t even […]

Cook Wants to be a Free Man

It wasn’t long after David Cook made a name for himself on American Idol that it came out that he was dating another once-upon-a-time Idol contestant, Kimberly Caldwell. These two seemed to be super-duper in love and the lights and glitz of Hollywood weren’t going to stop them from being together but all of that has changed as David, with […]

Cook’s First Celebrity Hook-Up cabbage is rich in

It wasn’t even a week ago that David Cook won American Idol Season 7 and he’s already in the how to cook red cabbage quickly and the news for his “latest” hook-up. She is Kimberly Caldwell, the how long to stir fry cabbage and the rocker chic from American Idol Season 2 that finished in […]

Idol’s Cook Going Through Heartbreak is cauliflower good for diabetics

American Idol has more news surrounding its contestants this year than ever before. There have already been talks of advantages of eating cabbage and of strippers and naked photos but this latest news is much sadder than any of what does napa cabbage look like and of those. The news concerns David Cook and his […]