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Oh, Please! Tom Cruise Councils Posh on her Marriage relaxing bath remedies

There are some weird families in Hollywood. And by weird, I mean wacko. So far out in left field that they ain’t even in the recipe for bath salts and the ballpark anymore. The whole Kutcher/Moore/Willis bunch are a few that top the reviews on rescue remedy and the list, and the how to have […]

David and Victoria do Another Ad

The last time that David and Victoria Beckham did an ad for Emporio Armani, I thought that it was a little lack-luster. They didn’t seem really ‘into’ each other, they were barely touching and all in all, it just fell a little flat for me. But now they’ve gone and done another one and I […]

Suri Cruise’s First Crush

She seems to be a tad young to me for a first crush but that may be why children who grow up too close to Hollywood get so screwed up. Well, that and the fact that she has Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as parents so as far as being screwed up is concerned, I suppose that […]

This is Why I Won’t get a Tattoo

Okay the real reason why I absolutely will never, ever get a tattoo is because I have a pain threshold that’s lower than a housefly’s and I couldn’t see myself ever willingly allowing someone to poke me with a needle for hours on end. But – this other reason runs a close second – Because […]

You Know you Have tooMuch Money When…

In a slow news day, I went to go see what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were up to. Expecting to find nothing except maybe a few sweet shots of Suri, I was surprised when headlines came up that the two were interested in buying the home of their soon-to-be departing friends, David and Victoria Beckham. Not so […]

Where will the Beckhams Call Home?

David Beckham has been playing in Milan now for a few weeks and although it’s been a huge issue between him and his wife, Victoria Beckham, it seems as though everything will be decided tomorrow. It’s no secret that Posh has loved living in Los Angeles and has pleaded with Becks to stay in America. But he nonetheless […]

Posh and Becks – Hot or Not?

David and Victoria Beckham are no strangers to photographs of themselves, taking their clothes off, or Emporio Armani and now the two have come together to sell some underwear for the designer once again with this ad. While I am left somewhat unimpressed by the billboard, that will be displayed in one of the fashion capitals […]

When Tattoos Just Aren’t Enough

It’s no secret that Victoria and David Beckham form one of those couples that seem to know the secret to the ultimate kind of love that knows no wrong and that is just too darn cute to be real! First they proclaimed their love for each other and for their family by inking themselves in […]

Getting Those Parties Started

There’s More Babies Coming!

It seems as though the newest trend for celebrities is to have babies and it’s not going to die down anytime soon. Blogs and magazines everywhere are still covered with “Is she or isn’t she?” questions and more stars are starting to announce the news while they walk around flashing their bumps. Here are the […]

Suri Gets Married? vitamin d3 functions

Okay well not really since Suri Cruise is only two years old but you would think that was the vitamin d def symptoms and the case from looking at the vitam d3 and the celebration that took place. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spent a whopping $100,000 on the vitamin d dosing and the little […]

Beckham’s Bring Romance Back to Life

In today’s Hollywood world, we often hear of couples getting together and making grand gestures, only to see the two split the next month. Well David and Victoria Beckham have put a stop to all of that. The two are true romantics at heart. They both have at least one tattoo somewhere on their bodies […]

David & Victoria Beckham Are Idiots; Of The Britney Spears Variety

You know, the first time I saw the picture of Britney Spears, driving with her kid in her lap, I was kind of nostalgic about my own childhood. Who the hell hasn’t been in their parents’ lap while they were driving? It’s actually like a traditional American pastime to teach your kids to drive that […]

A Different Kind of Rose for V-Day

Well, there’s no doubt it. Celebrity’s just have a way of making us little people look like schmucks…especially on Valentine’s Day. David Beckham, who has been married to Victoria Beckham since 1999 is getting a tattoo for her this Valentine’s Day. The tattoo is going to be in the design of a rose and will […]

Exclusive! David Beckham Has Allegedly Been Involved In Four Affairs

David Beckham is apparently not so great after all. No wonder Lindsay Lohan thought she had a shot him; he’s a total manwhore. Aside from the current affair scandal, with the Beckhams‘ ex-nanny, Rebecca Loos, –which is a very appropriate name, by the way, –he’s also allegedly been banging other broads as well. Supposedly, while […]

Ew De Beckham

Intimately Beckham; apparently,the constant yammering about Victoria (Posh Spice) and David Beckham, just wasn’t ego stimulation for the massive amount of UK arrogance between them. They now have their own perfume. A pretty pink one for Posh, and brown-ish bold, manly color for David. You can now smell like your favorite celebrities for under $100. […]

David Beckham & Robbie Williams Go Gay!

Indeed, the creator of Desperate Housewives, Mark Cherry wants to get Robbie Williams and David Beckham into the show as a gay couple having just moved into the neighbourhood from England. If so, I’m going to become a dedicated Desperate Housewives fan. There is some question as to whether or not Williams or Beckham can […]

Lindsay Lohan; Wants Beckham, But Can’t Keep Her Nose Clean

Lindsay Lohan is rumoured to have a $50,000 bet with her more wealthy white trash friends, that she can get David Beckham to screw her. Apparently, Lindsay is confident that she can get Beckham interested in doing her before December, because she knows that Victoria, Posh Spice, will be gone touring with the Spice Girls […]