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Courteney Cox and David Arquette Together Again!

No, they never split up and they are one of the few celebrity couples that I truly think will be together forever. But, the good news is that Courteney Cox and her hubby, David Arquette, are pairing up again for the making of Scream 4. I loved those movies when they first came out. They […]

Is there trouble in Courteney’s and David’s marriage?

The marriage of Courteney Cox and David Arquette has always seemed to be one of those rare ones in Hollywood that is full of love and laughter and in which the couple is made up of two very real and honest people. But Celebrity Baby Scoop ran an interview that Courteney has done recently in which she lets us […]

Mayer Nervous About Meeting Cox

A meeting has been arranged for John Mayer to meet Jennifer Aniston’s best friend, Courteney Cox-Arquette. At first, the news doesn’t seem like much but Mayer is extremely anxious about it. One has to wonder what would make his palms sweat so much about this and then you learn about the pressure that has been […]

Poor Jen; Still Pining For Brad…

Jennifer Aniston and her British boyfriend, model Paul Sculfor, have split up. Jennifer has supposed pulled the plug on their romance because their busy schedules, and equally time-consuming careers keep them from seeing too much of each other. Jennifer, 38, and Paul, 36, a former body builder, haven’t seen each other for weeks, since Paul […]