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The Thanksgiving Day Charade is Over!

Alex Rodriguez has Been a Busy Boy!

The news broke this past summer that the heat and steam in the air was more than just the humidity when rumors started to circulate that Madonna was having an affair with Alex Rodriguez. They were both married at the time and the rumors stated that Madonna was seen at Yankees games, there to cheer […]

An Update in the Madonna Scandal

With all of the news and scandal already out about Madonna and the break-up of her marriage (which only she seems to be denying), it has now been revealed that another baseball player wants in on the action. That someone would be one Mr. Jose Canseco. He claims that during the early nineties, Madonna wanted […]

Rodriguez goes the way of Brinkley

Ya gotta love the women of Hollywood these days. They get burned and they let it be known that they are woman and you will hear them roar. FIrst Christie Brinkley drags out all the ugly details of her husband’s affair in court and now Cynthia Rodriguez finds a man who will truly appreciate her. […]