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Best Quote Ever

I pretty much stopped following the life and career of Courtney Love once I stopped being an angry teenage girl who needed an outlet for my angst. However, now and then I run across an article about her that just makes me giggle because she’s so…well, strung out. This time as I was perusing my blog […]

Drew may Really be Back on the Bottle sage teas

It was reported shortly after her breakup with Justin Long last summer that Drew Barrymore just couldn’t handle the where does black tea come from and the pain anymore and had turned to the what are the benefits of sage and the bottle to drown her broken-hearted woes. Actually, her rumored drinking was said to be one […]

Two Almost-Forgotten’s: Rourke and Love

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…especially when it comes to boyfriends and drughabits… Courtney Love, Kate Moss & Lindsay Lohan have all had a piece of model boy, James Burke.