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Christina Aguilera was Abused by Her Father

Thanks to  The Sun, it’s now coming out that Christina Aguilera was once beaten, pretty severely and on a regular basis, by her father. The abuse got so bad that at one point, she says she was left ‘drenched in blood.’ And at the time, she was only 4 years old.  The news is sickening […]

Christina Talks about Max

Although it was really just a few short months ago that we were looking at her first baby pics, it seems like forever since Christina Aguilera has said anything about little Max. And usually, when she did, it was far too much information such as how she loved breastfeeding because her boobs were so big. […]

The Weight Update

It seems that the latest trend to follow first celebrity baby pictures is keeping close tabs on the new mommies and how they are handling their baby weight. Some lose it so fast, you wonder if they were really ever pregnant and others seem to be struggling months after they’ve had their little ones. And […]

Christina Aguilera is in Love – With Her Boobs!

This is definitely marked on my list of “Grossest Things I’ve Seen Today.” Christina Aguilera is breastfeeding her son, Max and is partly doing it for reasons that have nothing to do with the infant’s nutrition. From The Pop Crunch Show, “Christina Aguilera has a “Dirty” plan for hanging on to her ample post-pregnancy bosom. […]

Happy Birthday Kingston!

I don’t think Gwen Stefani will ever give us a reason not to love her and this past Sunday, she gave us reason to love her even more. Her son, Kingston Rossdale turned two on Sunday and the family had a few close friends over that just happened to include Hollywood parents with their Hollywood […]

Ashlee Simpson: Still Avoiding Direct Answers About Pregnancy

Ashlee Simspon was on the Ellen DeGeneres show the other day, and still refuses to go either way on being pregnant. Even though, Ellen, known for her straightforward approach to celebrity interviews, asked her right upfront whether or not she was knocked up, Ashlee was mum. Well, not “mum” –you know what I mean. From […]

Spelling Reveals It All

Tori Spelling has decided that it’s time to appear in the news for something other than getting shafted in her dad’s will. She has now stripped down to a bikini in a photo shoot with Startraks, a photo agency in Beverly Hills to reveal her pregnant belly. From SFGate, “The 34-year-old wife of actor Dean […]

What Babies Go For These Days

The price has been upped to six million. Well okay, not the actual baby, but the first picture of them anyway. And that’s only if you’re a celebrity as big as Jennifer Lopez. She has awarded the first darling pic to People Magazine, who will split the picture rights as well as the handsome sum […]

Christina Aguilera and Baby Max

Beautiful, in every single way. Max makes his appearance on the cover of People Magazine, the beautiful baby of Christina Aguilera born January 12th.

Christina Has Her Baby, and Britney Wears her Wedding Dress!

Christina Aguilera just popped her genie out of the bottle on Saturday night in a Los Angeles area hospital.  She and her husband, Jordan Brateman, welcomed a healthy baby boy named Max Liron Bratman into the world.  (Try to say that name three times fast)! According to a : “Dear fans, Today is a very […]

Christina Aguilera Baby Shopping!

Ever since Paris Hilton told an entire nightclub that Christina Aguilera was pregnant, there has been some speculation on whether or not she actually is knocked up. For a while there, it just looked like Paris Hilton was just being a drunk again; spouting off random gibberish –it comes natural to her. But, apparently, as […]

Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

Paris Hilton recently announced that Christina Aguilera is pregnant, to an entire nightclub. As much as we all love Paris, she has not been known for her ability to either keep her mouth shut, or remain sober. On the other hand, maybe she has the inside track, and the paparazzi has just been slacking lately […]

Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie Pregnant

Christina Aguilera is reportedly pregnant with her first child with husband Jordan Bratman. Rumors had been flying since late 2006. Christina’s father confirms the pregnancy. Nicole Richie is confirmed tobe pregnant with her first with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden. Christina once told Elle magazine, “I always knew I wanted to be a young mother.” […]

Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman: One Year Anniversary

Reformed Dirrrrty Girl, Christina Aguilera recently celebrated her one year wedding anniversary with hubby, Jordan Bratman. I don’t know about you..but, I think it’s time to start hearing the pitter patter of little ‘brat’ feet soon….