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Christie’s not the Only One with Balls

Don’t get me wrong – I am not at all advocating the actions that Peter Cook took that led to the dissolution of his marriage. Those actions being that he was having a pretty lengthy affair with a woman who wasn’t really a woman at all but a girl who was only 18 years old. […]

Peter Cook Speaks about Divorce from Brinkley

While Christie Brinkley has been extremely vocal throughout her surprisingly short divorce hearings with now ex-husband Peter Cook, he himself has been relatively mum on the subject. Perhaps because he knows he’s a complete pig and totally in the wrong. Access Hollywood reports on an interview with him where he spoke very openly about his […]

Brinkley got what She wanted and She’s not Going Back

The divorce is final in the case of Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook. During the hearings, Brinkley had a very hard time with everything as detailed accounts of Cook’s affair with a much younger woman and the thousands of dollars he spent on Internet pornography were revealed. But with the dust settling behind her, Brinkley […]

Christie Brinkley Shows that Some Women Got Balls!

Many women when going through a divorce, especially one that will be held up to the media microscope, want to hide away with their tears and their sorrow. They may curse their ex-husband but in Hollywood, a “no comment” is about the nastiest public comment people usually get. But ya gotta hand it to Christie […]

Back Surgery for Christie Brinkley

Ex Supermodel, Christie Brinkley had a serious accident during last December. Her sky trip had as a result a back injury! Her pain got worse so gorgeous Christie decided to have an emergent surgery on Wednesday at a Manhattan Hospital. Her publicist, Marcia Horowitz said that Brinkley will get out of the hopsital on Friday, […]

Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook Meet in Court… matcha adrenal fatigue

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Christie Brinkley in disguise… wedding flower

ESTRANGED spouses Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook came face to face in Sag Harbor on Saturday during the flower wedding and the Halloween Parade. “She was dressed in a Marilyn wig, you could not tell it was her, sitting on the flowers order and the front porch of flowers toronto delivery and of the where […]

Christie Brinkley makes divorce look Good!

Three months after her from architect Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley is looking great � and back to work, modeling for CoverGirl and launching a wake-up-call plan featuring in her voice. “She looks better than any 19-year-old I’ve ever dressed,” says Jessica Paster, who styled Brinkley for an Oct. 11 Skin Cancer Foundation benefit in Manhattan, […]

Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook: DUNZO!