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Charlie and Brooke Aren’t Divorcing, They’re Just Getting Ready To

You have to admit that Charlie Sheen and his many crazy women know how to keep life interesting. After the whole downward spiral of these two, that started in December with Charlie’s domestic violence situation and then continued on with both of them going to rehab for alcohol problems, things between Charlie and Brooke Mueller […]

Charlie Sheen May Find Himself Tongue-Tied

Charlie Sheen has always made himself appear as someone who is extremely charming, and extremely smooth. But soon, Charlie might find himself tongue-tied in court when he may have to defend his drinking while he was out on probation. The probation came after he assaulted his wife, Brooke Mueller on Christmas Day, and one of […]

Charlie Sheen May be in a Heap of Trouble

So, anyone who marries Charlie Sheen after this is an idiot. Because this thing with Brooke Mueller is not going to last, and any marriage to Sheen just spells drama and trouble. This whole incident of Charlie beating the crap out of Brooke has led to a whole downward spiral of events that all equal […]

Brooke’s Got Some Problems Too

Another Wife Beater Does His “Time”

In this case, the wife beater is Charlie Sheen and the “time” he’s doing, is marriage counseling. Yep, I guess it’s okay to straddle your wife and choke her, as long as you’re willing to talk to some stranger about it more than a month later. Oh and sorry, he’s also going to AA. Good […]

Charlie Sheen is Such a Loving Husband

It seems that all you have to do after beating your wife on Christmas Day and threatening her life is visit her in the hospital when she ends up in the hospital for pneumonia shortly after. That’s where Brooke Mueller is right now and her adoring husband, Charlie Sheen, visited his wife for the second […]

More Inside News on Brooke and Charlie

It came as somewhat of a shock to most of us when we found out that Charlie Sheen spent Christmas Day behind bars due to the fact that he spent early that same morning choking and threatening his wife, Brooke Mueller. But it seems that this isn’t a shock to everyone and that even if […]

More on Charlie and Brooke

It was Christmas Day that Charlie Sheen was hauled out of his home in handcuffs due to a ‘domestic situation’ with his wife, Brooke Mueller and since then, we’ve heard all kinds of things, including Brooke’s refusal to cooperate with the authorities. Now we’re finding out that this refusal might come due to some threats […]

What’s with all the Domestic Abuse?

Happy holidays from Hollywood! This year it seems they’re going out with a bang and the fists, they are a-flyin! On Christmas Day, Charlie Sheen was hauled out in cuffs after a domestic dispute with his wife, Brooke Mueller, and now Mary J. Blige is also being pinned as a Husband Hitter. This comes after […]

Charlie Sheen May be a Wife Beater

See? It’s stories like this that make me happy that I have never been a Charlie Sheen fan. Sheen, who has had a sordid and troubled history, and who just had twins in March with his new wife, Brooke Mueller, spent Christmas behind bars due to a domestic altercation. Apparently Brooke called the police in […]

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen Act Civil

It’s a sad state of affairs when two parents can sit down to dinner together, act civilly to each other, and it makes news! Well, it made news because it is extremely shocking that Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen could put aside their immature and petty differences, accusations, and special nicknames for each other, to sit down […]

Max is Finally at Home!

Almost a month after he was born, little Max, one of the newest sons of Charlie Sheen, is finally at home where he belongs, with his dad and mom, Brooke Mueller, and his twin brother, Bob. Max needed to stay in the hospital a little  while longer than his brother just so he could beef up a […]

One of Charlie Sheen’s Sons in the Hospital coconut greek yogurt recipe

Weeks after Charlie Sheen’s wife, Brooke Mueller, gave birth to their new sons, Max and Bob, Max is still in the so good coconut yogurt and the hospital. The family hasn’t been able to give the how to make coconut yogurt and the twin a proper welcoming home yet due to the cultured coconut milk recipe and […]

Charlie Sheen Can’t Tell his Boys Apart

Apparently, Charlie Sheen is now the proud pappa of two twin boys, who were both born last Saturday. I say apparently because I had to search long and hard for announcements of the birth – I didn’t even know that it had happened! Because I did actually know that his show, Two and a Half Men, had been […]

Brooke Mueller Taken to Hospital send flowers toronto

Brooke Mueller, the newest wife of flower shop in canada and of Charlie Sheen, and the toronto flower shop and the woman who is about to give him twins, was taken to the flower delivery in toronto and the hospital this week due to early contractions. This isn’tsurprising, since early labor is expected with twins, but […]

Denise Richards Officially Can’t Use her Kids Anymore

I don’t know why it’s taken this long for someone to put an end to Denise Richards constantly using her kids for her own personal gain. Either she’s using them as a weapon to attack her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen, or she’s using them to get ratings for that awful reality TV show she has, Denise Richards: It’s […]

Shape Up? How About Grow Up?!

Just when I was Starting to Like Him

Driving Denise Crazy

Charlie Sheen has announced that he and his wife, Brooke Mueller are expecting and although the news isn’t really about Denise Richards, you know damn well that she will do her utmost to make sure that it is! She’s just so extremely childlish that I’m sure she’ll use this new streak of jealousy to call […]

The Latest on Divorces and Divorcees

It seems that the world of hookups and breakups in Hollywood has been busy focusing on the breakup side of things. Just when people are starting to get over the Madonna/Guy Ritchie drama, all kinds of celebrities are coming out of the woodwork announcing separations and divorces. Others who have recently joined the list of […]