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A Christmas Miracle! We No Longer Need to Hear from the Spelling Ladies!

For those who were sick to death of hearing Candy Spelling publicly humiliate her daughter, and her daughter, Tori somewhat retaliating (and who could blame her), it will delight you all to know that the feud between the famous Spelling women is over! This comes after Candy has blamed her daughter for Aaron Spelling’s death, rumors […]

Candy Spelling Rages at her Daughter Through TMZ

Candy Spelling makes me nauseous. Tori Spelling also used to turn my stomach some but, with the recent plays her mother has made in the media, I tend to feel bad for Tori and find myself rooting for her a tiny bit. In the past Candy has gone and talked to themedia about how the […]

Why Do These Two Keep Talking?

Candy and Tori Spelling have one of the most famous parent/child feuds in all of Hollywood. It may have all started when Tori’s famous dad, Aaron Spelling died but I think the trouble probably started long before that and that his death was just a tragic event that sent the whole thing on a downward spiral. But ever since that […]

Another Celebrity Mom tries to Make Rich

Celebrity families sure don’t operate as normal families do. Not only must you worry about every little thing you do ending up in a tell-all book but grandparents also don’t worry about spending time with their grandkids going to the park or baking cookies. Rather, that’s not what they’ll miss should they lose out on […]