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Cutie Watch: Matt McConaughey, Camila, and Vida

It’s been a week of the stars spending time with those that are closest to them, their families! For our next Cutie Watch, we have Matt McConaughey, Camila Alves, and little Vida stepping out to enjoy all that New York City has to offer. It’s hard to tell, but I think those are deconstructed jeans that […]

First Pics of Matthew McConaughey’s Baby Girl Vida!

I think there’s something wrong with people who don’t like Matthew McConaughey. I have to admit, once I found out about the whole placenta-burying thing, I tried really hard not to like him. Just because, ew that’s gross. But I just can’t do it! Everything about him is just so darned cute, including that little […]

Matt McConaughey Welcomes the New Year with a New Addition!

With his first son, Levi being just about 18 months old, Matthew McConaughey welcomes the New Year with a new addition – a baby girl! It was today, January 3, 2010 that Matt McConaughey and Camila Alves welcomed their second child, a daughter, to their growing family. Her name is Vida Alves McConaughey and as […]

Matthew and Camila will be Parents Again!

Matthew McConaughey sure had a busy Father’s Day yesterday. Not only was it the first time he celebrated it as a dad with his 11-month old son, Levi, he also announced that his girlfriend, Camila Alves is pregnant again with their second child. Man, talk about getting right back to work. I can’t imagine how […]

Is Matt McConaughey another Hollywood Weirdo?

We all know that Matt McConaughey has been the most super excited dad that Hollywood has seen in a long time. He has openly spoken about what happened in the delivery room and about how he and Camila Alves were a team in the delivery room and he was rocking and cheering (which he compared […]

Aw! Matt and Camila are Engaged!!

Shortly after his son’s birth, and by shortly I mean an hour or two, Matt McConaughey proposed to his girlfriend Camila Alves! Apparantly Matt was very emotional as he held his new bundle of joy and realized, as most new parents do I think, that all that matters in the world is right in the […]