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Oh, Please! Tom Cruise Councils Posh on her Marriage

There are some weird families in Hollywood. And by weird, I mean wacko. So far out in left field that they ain’t even in the ballpark anymore. The whole Kutcher/Moore/Willis bunch are a few that top the list, and the Osmonds are a given. But Tom Cruise will also always rank up there when it […]

Add Another Weirdo to the Bunch

I must be feeling especially cynical lately because I just can’t seem to get excited about, or even be happy for, celebrity couples that are getting engaged, getting married, having babies, blah blah blah. The latest headlines, including Charlie Sheen and his newest custom-ordered babies, have just been so weird and wacky that I just can’t […]

Connor Cruise Bonds with his Dad

Okay, just because I rant and rave about how Tom Cruise can’t be bothered to spend time with either of his two older children, Connor and Isabella, I thought that it would be nice to run this story of Tom enjoying some time with his son at the Daytona 500 this weekend. Keith Urban, Nicole’s new hubby performed […]

In Creepy News of the Day

I think Rumer Willis will always be one of those people I just don’t quite get. Whenever we see her, she’s talking about really weird things such as how she’s not a lesbian and other than being the daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, she’s not really famous for anything. Which I suppose is fine for […]

Rumer is getting Rumors of her Own

As much as I love both of her parents, what were Bruce Willis and Demi Moore thinking when they decided that the child of two of the biggest stars in the world should be named Rumer?!? Okay, now that that’s off my chest, yes, Rumer Willis has indeed begun sparking rumors of her own. The […]

Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson: Making Up?

TMZ spied Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson strolling along together with their son, Ryder, in West Village. The ex-couple look fairly comfortable with each other, so perhaps some sort of reunion may be in the making. We can all hope for the best. From TMZ: “Not even something like le divorce can stop Kate Hudson […]

Celebrity Nibbles

So you think the stars don’t watch? In our first Nibble, Bruce Willis dropped in on “aintitcoolnews.com” to supposedly get a feel for how his fans felt about him, and their thoughts on his work. Of course they refused to believe “Walter B.” was him. From the Enquirer: “Then Walter B‘s [webcam] image popped up […]

“Porno Paparazzi Girl, I Don’t Wanna Be A Stupid Girl…”

Kate Moss is still planning on eventually moving away from Pete Doherty. You know, after all the heroin implants they’ve been through together… Nicole Richie is whisked away to jail for a whopping four days for her DUI charges. I wonder how long before she gets a mysterious illness too? Britney Spears takes her children […]