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Britney Spears’ Cosmo Questionnaire Answers

Britney Spears appears on the August cover of Cosmopolitan, and she also filled out a short questionnaire filled with random questions about being a mom, being a superstar, and well, just being Britney. I came across the questionnaire on Celebitchy, who doesn’t seem to think that the questions were actually answered by Britney, but in fact by her […]

Britney Spears Fires Her Boyfriend

You would think that when you’ve fired your boyfriend, things are really on a slippery slope in your relationship. But it seems like just the opposite is true for Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick. Jason has been representing the pop star ever since 2006, which means that he also saw her through her […]

Crazy Quote from Crazy Katy

Katy Perry is a crazy bitch. I think she’s fantastic, but she’s a crazy bitch. From her choice of vintage-bathing-suit-style outfits, to her choice of clothing on-stage, to threatening to throw Coke in Kara DioGuardi’s face when she was a guest judge on American Idol, everything about Katy Perry screams “Crazy bitch!” The latest news […]

What’s New With Jamie Lynn Spears?

As I was writing a post about the other day, I couldn’t help but wonder what was new with her sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, and that cute little baby she had some time ago. It seems that Jamie Lynn has definitely faded into the background and become known only as “Britney Spears’ sister”, despite my […]

Has Britney Lost it Again?

I really hate to say anything bad about Britney Spears. Well okay, maybe not anything but generally, I try to take it easy on the girl. She’s been through a lot of crap, has never had a life of her own, and has worked hard to rebuild herself. I realize she’s done all of this […]

Michael Lohan Should Take Lessons from Jamie Spears

I hate to lump Michael Lohan’s name in with Jamie Spears when it comes to celebrity dads but sadly, when people hear the word ‘conservatorship’, they automatically think of Britney Spears and the legal hold that her dad still has over her. Unfortunately for Michael Lohan, that was a case of a father actually seeing […]

What is Going on With Katy Perry?

Katy Perry and Travis McCoy broke up, for the first time, in January. And Katy was so devastated by the split that she talked about it openly in her shows and talked about how much her heart was hurting. But not too soon after talking about her broken heart, there were rumors that Katy was […]

Britney Gets Some Hang Time with her Kids

On a slow news day, it’s also a slow and relaxing day for Britney Spears. She’s been seen toting around her two little ones just about everywhere in New York. Mostly, they were seen taking in the Broadway show The Little Mermaid and the next day they were seen taking a ride through Central Park […]

Jesus Luz is Madonna’s New Protege

Back off, Britney Spears, Madonna has a new protege in the making and it’s none other than her former lover, Jesus Luz. Reportedly, Madonna dumped the much-younger man just a short while ago but that doesn’t mean that she’s lost interest in making him a star. I guess the modeling career that she had laid […]

Britney’s Already Proving Herself

Just yesterday I was writing about how thrilled I was that Britney Spears could become her own woman at the end of the year by getting out from under her father’s conservatorship. And if anyone has doubts that Brit is thinking clearly about what’s good for her and hersons, this newest move will lay all […]

Britney May Soon be Her Own Woman!

Well, hallelujah! Britney Spears may have an extra bounce in her booty as her dad, Jamie Spears has deemed that she might be all better and ready to take care of herself again! Gives a whole new meaning to her hit cover of My Perogative! I’m thrilled about this news and it could be as […]

Is Britney Becoming a Jew?

When Britney Spears decides to do something, she really goes all out, doesn’t she? If she wants to spend more time with her kids, she locks herself in a bathroom with one of them. If she wants to get a haircut, she shaves her entire head. Now, she’s started dating her agent, Jason Trawick, and […]

Britney’s Family Fun and Warning from MJ

Britney Spears is still busy in Europe killing crowds with her new Circus tour but she took a break this past weekend to spend some time with her boys at the good old fashioned tourist attraction, the Eiffel Tower. I have to say that in this picture, I’m not really loving Britney’s look but then […]

Britney and Her Man Trade Hair Color

Uh oh. Remember the last time we saw Britney dye her hair so that she could stay true to her brunette roots? Yep, that’s right. It was right before she went cuckoo crazy. Once she got back on the road to good health, she dyed her extensions back to the normal blonde that we’re all […]

Britney Continues to Confirm Jason Trawick as New BF

Is Britney Engaged?

Is Britney Single or Not?

Britney Has Naked Pics

Jamie Spears Gets his Restraining Order

Earlier this month it was reported that Jamie Spears, conservator of his daughter and her estate, applied for a permanent restraining order against Sam Lutfi, the man who sent Britney’s life all to hell. Jamie didn’t get the permanent order that he was after but what he got is pretty good. Sam Lufti has been ordered to […]

No More Britney for Fred

Just a couple of weeks ago, it seemed that there may very soon be Fred Durst and Britney Spears rumors floating around when he spoke of the pop diva in an interview and talked about how much he still cared for her. Even though Britney has always denied that there was anything there, I was still hoping that […]