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Brad and Angie Actually Look Great at the Salt Premiere

So maybe all it was going to take to soften my heart towards Angelina Jolie was her coming out with a total kick ass movie. As soon as I started seeing previews for Salt, I wanted to go see it. I actually want to go to the theater to see it, which is big enough in […]

Angelina Jolie Continues Efforts to Make You Think She’s Cool and Aloof

Angelina Jolie has that new movie, Salt, coming out so you know that we’re going to be bombarded with crazy promotion and even crazier interviews from Angelina. One of the first ones we get is from MTV News, and she talks about her new tattoo that she got for her hubby, Brad Pitt. Or rather, she brings it up […]

Proof that the Pitt/Aniston Nonsense will Never Die

I really thought that all the ridiculous rumors about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had all died out by now but apparently, I have been proven wrong once again. I glanced at a headline the other day where Brad Pitt was allegedly calling Jennifer Aniston “pathetic.” I turned away because, I was sure the rumor, […]

Well Here’s an Entertaining Show for us All

What’s the first thing a celebrity couple does when it’s rumored they’re in trouble and they want to tell the world to stuff a sock in it? Go out very publicly and act all cuddly and loving. Of course, because a few kisses here and there should be proof enough for anyone. But that’s exactly […]

Have Brad and Angelina Split?

I reallyhate writing anything about Brad and Angelina splitting up. Mostly because I’m pretty sure that all the rumors are false, so I consider reading anything about a potential split a complete waste of time. Also because I’m pretty sure that this couple is going to stay together forever just to spite me. But this […]

Cute Pitt-Jolie Family Photo

Normally, any picture containing Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt is enough to make me want to never open another magazine ever again. But the fact that they have the twins, who are hardly ever seen, does make this an adorable picture. Who can resist such chubby little faces? And boy, are they ever big! I […]

Wow! A Brad Pitt Interview that I Enjoy!

It’s even refreshing for me when I read a Brad Pitt interview that doesn’t make me want to lose my lunch. That’s why I was so happy I started my day off with this interview from the Pittster, in which he explains why him and Angelina Jolie haven’t yet gotten married. Now, I talk a […]

Brad Pitt’s Weird Wired Interview

I love that Brad Pitt keeps giving me more and more reasons not to like him. The man has appeared on the cover of Wired and in the magazine he gives a very candid and gross interview. He talks about how you should lie, how you should take pictures of the butts of other men’s […]

Is Something Wrong with Vivienne and Knox?

Is Angie Going to Have More Kids?

Well it’s been awhile since we last talked about the possibility of Angelina Jolie having more kids. I think it might have been a whole five seconds. So now, maybe because Madge is busy making preparations for Mercy’s arrival, Angelina has come out to say that she doesn’t want you to forget that she adopted […]

What is it with Angelina Anyway?

Jennifer Aniston is Just Like the Rest of Us

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston has had her share of problems in the love-life department. She’s probably one of the most followed actresses when it comes to her personal life and ever since her high-profile marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt, people have wanted to know who she’s dating and who’s heart she’s breaking. But sometimes, […]

Unfortunately, this one’s probably not a sham

Like many Hollywood couples who reportedly have a ‘troubled marriage’, Brad and Angelina were seen out with each other and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Unfortunately like most Hollywood couples, I don’t think this was simply all an act for the cameras. The event was the Cannes Film Festival yesterday and Brad and Angelina showed up […]

Aniston may be Ready to Make Nice…With Everybody

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Aniston has had a tough go of it the past few years. She had a very bitter and very public divorce, went into hiding, came out of hiding and was scrutinized in the media with every breath she took, not to mention the slight seizure she went into when she decided […]

Brangelina’s Tell-All Book

If you are a celebrity, are related to a celebrity, or happen to breathe air around any given celebrity at any particular time, the chances are that you will one day, write a tell-all book about the experience. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are no different except for the fact that they are not the ones writing […]

Angelina is Leaving Things to Brad and the Nannies

If I were Angelina and I had just caught Brad Pitt cheating on me with our nanny, I probably wouldn’t leave them at home alone together. But it seems that Angelina has no interest in staying at home and spending time with all those babies that they collected because she can’t stop herself from making movies! Since the […]

Is Angelina Really Pregnant?

Rumors have been going around that Angelina Jolie is pregnant with Baby #7 for her and Brad Pitt ever since she popped out those twins last summer. But something about this particular rumor has me thinking that it could actually be true. Maybe it’s because the time frame between the twins and another pregnancy would have enough […]

What a surprise! Brad and Angelina aren’t Picture-Perfect Parents!

One of the things that has always bothered me so much about Brangelina is the fact that they think they are so much better than everyone else. They have a gazillion kids, that they make sure all get one-on-one quality time, and they’re able to do it while making bazillion dollar movies and don’t forget how […]

Is this for Real?

Okay, so Brad and Angelina are having problems? Wait, what? Apparently, this has been going on for some time. Okay, but I thought that they were talking about adopting another small army from a different country. Who knows, it just goes to show how crazy the rumor mil gets sometimes but apparently yes, that’s the story. Brad and […]

Mandy Moore’s Wedding Details

I just wrote the other day about how I thoughtthe spontaneous marriage between Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams is doomed but new details have been released about the actual ceremony and what can I say? I’m a sucker for a good love story. It doesn’t change my mind any about this relationship but it does sound like […]