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Amy Winehouse steps out on Junkie Husband

Amy Winehouse and her lowlife husband, Blake Fielder-Civil have definitely been busy doing their own thing lately. While no doubt they’ve both been involved in some serious drug use, Blake has now been caught on film doing heroin in prison! From The Sun, “Junkie Blake Fielder-Civil takes heroin in his prison cell hours before wife […]

Amy and Blake are on the Rocks

And we’re not talking about a drink although that might be their first thought. This story of Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil just gets more screwed up by the minute. First he’s in jail and there’s all kinds of stories about how she can’t get in and then she turns herself in for assault and […]

Amy Winehouse Gets No Jail Time

It turns out that even celebrities have to abide by the rules as Amy Winehouse was denied spending time with her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil at his current residence, the Pentonville Prison on Thursday. After the Rehab singer showed up late, she was denied entrance into the jail. Meanwhile, her “people” have been busy fending off […]

Winehouse Seen With Respectable Date

Amy Winehouse was recently seen with out with someone that seems to be a little more on the straight and narrow than she was with her inmate husband Blake Fielder-Civil. She was seen out and about lately with Tyler James. From Celebitchy, “Amy Winehouse stepped out with a clean-cut young man in London last night, […]

Amy Winehouse Is Still A Hopelessly Romantic Lunatic

Despite the fact that her husband Blake Fielder-Civil is in jail for allegedly committing crimes that are so horribly wicked and foul that I can’t remember them, Amy Winehouse is still completely infatuated with him. Apparently, while in court, watching her husband in the fetching attire of a convict, Amy was so overcome with love, […]

Amy Winehouse’s Husband Spending The Holidays Incarcerated

I feel sorry for this couple; Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil will spend their Christmas separated from one another, while Blake is in jail for charges for conspiracy. Blake was denied bail, and a tearful Amy went home alone. From People: “Amy Winehouse wiped away tears as her incarcerated husband Blake Fielder-Civil was denied bail […]

Amy Winehouse & Blake Beat The Sh*T Out of Each Other

Amy Winehouse was one cute little pop tart before full-on fame slapped her with the ugly-drug-addict stick. She’s defended her husband, Blake, to many different celebrity sources, after she and her husband beat the crap out of each other, leaving them both bloodied all to hell. Amy denies that Blake was the one who started […]