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I Guess Amy Winehouse and Blake Didn’t Remarry After All

I’m so confused. But then again, whenever Amy Winehouse’s name is mentioned, I’m usually engulfed in a cloud of chaos and confusion anyway. Last I heard, Amy was getting ready to remarry Blake Fielder-Civil, the two were happy happy, and to hell with whatever her family had to say about it. But, I guess that’s […]

Is Amy Winehouse Trying to Get Pregnant?

Oh please, say it isn’t so! The word on the street is that Amy Winehouse is trying to get pregnant! Can you imagine?? Little crack babies running around among the mess that is Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil? Oh this doesn’t bode well for future societies at all. Apparently, when Amy was shoving tremendous amounts […]

Amy and Blake Will Remarry in the New Year

What is Amy Winehouse thinking?! I know true love is blind but has she lost all of her senses? First she leaves Blake Fielder-Civil so that she can get away from the drug lifestyle, then she cheats on him in St. Lucia for many, many, many months, divorces him finally, and thengets back together with […]

Are Amy and Blake Re-Engaged?

I hate to say “re-engaged” because, I’m not quite sure whether or not Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil were ever engaged in the first place or if they just got married the first time during some really bad trip. But, if they got engaged the first time, then rumors are that they may be engaged […]

Amy Winehouse and Blake are Seeing Each Other

Well, the fact that Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are officially back together is about as sure as an anonymous source can be. According to said source, the two were seen out together last week, just days after their divorce became final. Despite the fact that Blake had a jealous fit while still behind bars, […]

Amy Headed Back to Self-Destruction

One of the most self-destructive couples on the planet have started talking to each other again. Even after it seemed as though they might finally be over for good. Of course, when we’re talking self-destruction, we can only be talking about Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil. Amy had said several times during her extended vacation […]

Amy and Blake Call it Quits for Good

Well, thank heavens! Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil have finally filed for a divorce and everything will be final in 6 sweet weeks. I think everyone is breathing a sigh of relief on this one! No more talking about what Amy’s doing in St. Lucia without Blakey-boy and no more hearing about how Blake broke […]

Amy’s Off the Hook but Blake Jumps On

The whole entire world can stop wondering whether or not Amy Winehouse is going to get back together with her no-good, drug addict husband that she has been on and off with ever since he went to prison on assault charges and then went back for parole violation. Amy meanwhile, was soaking up the rays in […]

Winehouse is Lost Once Again

Although she has been reported lately to be relatively clean of drugs since her extended vacation down in St. Lucia, Amy Winehouse’s latest statements about her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, have some thinking that she may be back on the dope after all. Or maybe it’s just me. She has not been hesitant in the past couple of […]

Blake is Leaving Britain

It seems that everyone has been so busy blaming Blake Fielder-Civil for Amy Winehouse’s drug use that nobody has asked why Blake is addicted to drugs or proposed that the reason might be Amy. Apparently, nobody has seen all of the hard work he’s been doing in getting clean. I guess we’ve been too busy talking about all that […]

Wino’s Lost it Again!

Amy Winehouse says that she’s off the drugs but I think with her latest antics, we better actually hope that’s a lie because for a sober person, her latest anticsmay mean that she actually has something seriously wrong with her mental health. She has been in St. Lucia since at least December (although it seems […]

Blake Fielder-Civil Files for Divorce

Blake Fielder-Civil, who of course is the ever-incarcerated husband of Amy Winehouse has filed for divorce. This comes on the heels of Amy hooking up with Josh Bowman while she’s been vacationing in St. Lucia and it is because of this ‘infidelity’ that Blake has decided that he will start the paperwork on his own. Apparently, he is furious that […]

Hideous and Healthy!

Amy Winehouse was recently photographed half-naked while she took in some relaxing waves and, although she is still one ugly woman to look at, it does look like the treatment she’s been getting at a London hospital does seem to be working. Dare I say that I see a tiny little sag in Winehouse’s belly? Nothing more […]

Blake is Back in the Big House dandylion root

I don’t think anyone expected Blake Fielder-Civil to actually remain out of root coffee and of jail for very long, considering that he was released early with many conditions for parole, one of what are dandelions good for and of those apparently being that he agree to be subjected to random drug tests. That wouldn’t […]

Divorce Proceedings have Started

Amy Winehouse has started legal divorce proceedings from her husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, and it’s only in the very ugliest of ways. I guess when it comes to two complete crackheads, you have to know that the drama is going to get intense when it comes to things like official separations. I guess the two had […]

Amy Makes Her Break from Blake flower delivery in oshawa

Ever since these two heroin addicts stumbled their way into the same day flower delivery and the spotlight, the flower company oshawa and the marriage between Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil has been clouded with rumor after rumor. It’s not like they didn’t make it easy – she was prone to violent, public attacks, he […]

Blake is Released and Amy’s a No-Show

Where was Wino?

After professing her love and saying how she was so much looking forward to “my Blakey being home,” Amy Winehouse couldn’t even show up for her husband’s sentencing. Now there’s support for ya. But alas, her Blakey won’t be home for awhile. Blake Fielder-Civil was sentenced to 27 months in prison for beating up a […]

Blake’s Mom Wants What’s Best for Her Son

It’s always hard to win over the in-laws, isn’t it? And even more so when you’re Amy Winehouse and youhave that nasty little drug problem. Add to that the fact that your hubby, Blake Fielder-Civil is in prison and that he has one of his own drug problems to take care of and you practically […]

Winehouse Speaks about Husband Blake

Is there a more messed-up couple on this planet than druggie Amy WInehouse and co-druggie Blake Fielder-Civil? These two are not only more addicted to drugs than any other two people on earth but they have both been known to see other people, one of them is in jail (so I guess he’s only contacting […]