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Miley Wears the Ring but is NOT Engaged

Remember that guy, Liam Hemsworth that I posted about the other day? Sorry, you probably remember him better as “the latest guy that Miley’s screwing under her parents’ noses.” Yes, he is indeed the latest boyfriend of Miley Cyrus and yes, as far as I know, he is still living in her house. With her and […]

Miley’s Sister is a Prosti-Tot!

Where are the parents of the Cyrus girls?!? It’s not bad enough that Miley is out pole dancing and taking her clothes off for any magazine that will ask for it! But now, Miley’s little sister, and I do mean little, is now dressing like a prosti-tot for Halloween! Okay, I’m not exactly sure what […]

The Newest Set of Miley

Miley and Justin are Dunzo

Do You Know Who Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend Is?

Well his name is Justin Gaston and if you did know his name, then he’s accomplished exactly what he wanted by dating Miley Cyrus – fame. It’s not hard to see that Justin is using Miley for the spotlight that seems to constantly follow her but Miley is just a stupid kid so I actually don’t blame her for being blinded […]

Oh My Lanta! More Drama on Hannah Montana

I need to ask really, just who do Miley Cyrus and Billy Ray Cyrus really think that they are? I must admit that I did like Billy Ray’s first album but let’s face it, most people laughed it off and the term “Achy Breaky” was usedto describe anything that was lame and stupid. After that […]

A Forecast of Miley’s Future

Vanity Fair Photographer Tries To Weasel Out Of Controversy omeg 3

The really sick thing about this to me, is that the is green tea healthier than black tea and the photographer taking shots of omega 3 a and of Miley that day, was a female. All these magazines and celebrity statements, etc., try to claim that they support female empowerment, and are all about women […]