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Beyonce Makes a Classy Move

I have to say that I have never been a big fan of Beyonce Knowles. I’ve never really liked her style, her music has always seemed sub-par to me and every time I would see her, she just seemed like such a diva to me that I just stopped paying attention to her altogether. Imagine […]

Beyonce & Jay-Z: Shotgun Wedding? Pregnant? Oh no!

What is she going to do about her gorgeous figure? Gasp! Actually, it’s not confirmed. However, there are rumors a’floating around that the reason Jay-Z and Beyonce were just *poof!* married one day, is because Beyonce was knocked up. At least according to Hollyscoop: “Looks like the celebrity baby boom that started last year is […]

Beyonce, Jay-Z Rumours Confirmed!

Beyonce and Jay-Z had everyone talking earlier this week when it was reported that they had gotten a marriage license. No one was talking on their side so fans and bloggers alike were left to speculate amongst themselves. Well now those rumours have been confirmed as the pair tied the knot yesterday. Neither Beyonce’s or […]

Jay-Z & Beyonce: Couples’ Tattoos Already?!

According to the notoriously bad journalism over at In Touch Magazine, Jay-Z and Beyonce are already sporting matching tattoos of the Roman number IV; apparently this is in significance to their wedding day, which is to take place on May 4th, in France. Supposedly, the number four is a mutual obsession. Numerical romance, anyone? From […]

Paris Hilton And Cisco Adler Drooling On Each Other In Public

Paris Hilton is apparently still shopping around, even though in a previous article, barely a week ago, Paris was running around with a moron from Australia, Tyler Atkins, t-shirt designer and apparently, amateur pharmacist. Who’s the lucky guy this week? Cisco Adler; sloppy seconds of Mischa Barton, and grunge-o extraordinaire. The guy just looks plain […]