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Mo’Nique is Okay with Open Marriage

Does everyone remember Mo’Nique? She’s the woman who played the abusive mother in Precious and she also won a Golden Globe for that performance. I had never heard of her before Precious, (I don’t think many peoplehad), but she won me over with her acceptance speech. In it, she looked at her husband, Sidney Hicks, […]

Another ‘Celebrity’ Trying to make News

The View has become a little soap opera all unto itself and Star Jones is still trying desperately to be a part of it. It seems that she can’t make it on her own ‘good’ name and so, whenever people from the media talk to her, she has to fall back on the ugly departure […]

Christie’s not the Only One with Balls

Don’t get me wrong – I am not at all advocating the actions that Peter Cook took that led to the dissolution of his marriage. Those actions being that he was having a pretty lengthy affair with a woman who wasn’t really a woman at all but a girl who was only 18 years old. […]