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Two Almost-Forgotten’s: Rourke and Love

Bai Ling Back With Damon Elliot?

I recently caught this little tidbit from The Evil Beet; although I think the post was primarily concerned of whether or not Bai Ling‘s pubes were visible. (By the way, Beet Girls, that’s a mixture of Bai Ling‘s snatch-hat tattoo, and pubes.) From The Evil Beet: “…So much to talk about in this photo. First, […]

Bai’s Broken Heart and Not-so-Quick Hands

Bai Ling, the actress you see flitting across your TV screen every now and then as a one-time character on the odd show, has recently been caught shoplifting. She got arrested in the LAX airport when caught red-handed. What was it that she needed so desperately? Some batteries and a couple of magazines. She claims […]