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Lohan’s Drunk and Jealous

Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson have been rumoured to be dating since late last year. Not only do the two seem to be quite happy together but Lohan seems to be obsessed with the girl and wants to keep her all to herself. On Saturday, Lindsay, Samantha, and Ashley Olsen were all hanging out […]

Mary-Kate Olsen & Stavros Niarchos: Pissing Off Paris One Tryst At A Time

Mary-Kate Olsen and Paris Hilton‘s on-off boytoy, Stavros Niarchos are back together, and making out in puiblic and all that fun stuff. I get the two confused… is it Ashley Olsen or Mary-Kate that likes men old enough to be their father? I can’t keep them straight, so most likely, both. From Life & Style: […]

Ashley Olsen Gets Her Freak On With Lance Armstrong

Ashley Olsen, now legal, and single or at least, was until recently; is basically every man’s wet dream. Not because she and Mary-Kate are child stars… oh no, gosh. Like I would insinuate that the main reason men drool all over the twins is because of the fact that they are attractive, successful female child […]

Did Ashley Olsen break up with her boyfriend…

After Hollywood Heartbreakers totally scientific investigative report on the correlation between breaking up and hair dyeing…one can only wonder if Ashley’s newly colored locks are the result of a broken heart…or a bad stylist. Hmmm?