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Is this for Real?

Okay, so Brad and Angelina are having problems? Wait, what? Apparently, this has been going on for some time. Okay, but I thought that they were talking about adopting another small army from a different country. Who knows, it just goes to show how crazy the rumor mil gets sometimes but apparently yes, that’s the story. Brad and […]

Jennifer Aniston Gives Up on the Press holistic nutritionist near me

Jennifer Aniston has always seemed to be somewhat light-hearted when it comes to the nutritionist qualifications and the press. She’s always been sort of qualifications to become a nutritionist and of off-the-cuff and hasn’t really ever seemed to struggle in making sure that she’s not saying the how to get a nutritionist certificate and the ‘wrong’ […]

Jen’s Jealous Rage

We were all expecting a catfight between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie at the Oscars on Sunday. Maybe Jen slapping Angie across the face while calling her a home-wrecking slut or maybe Angelina grabbing Brad’s behind and winking at Jen just as they passed on the red carpet. All of that would have been good but what we got was actually two […]

A Threesome of the Worst Kind

Last night at the Oscar’s there were many big nameswaltzing down the red carpet but few were more anticipated perhaps than the encounter between Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston. I’d add John Mayer in there but I’m not sure he was born yet in 2005 when the whole Aniston/Pitt marriage exploded all to hell. We didn’t […]

The Encounter We’ve All Been Waiting For

Just when it seems that people may be starting to lose interest in the whole Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston love scandal, it’s now being reported that Jolie and Aniston will be meeting face to face for the first time since Jolie stepped in and took what wasn’t hers. The encounter is said to take place at a pre-Oscar party so […]

Celebrities Looking at Real Estate

There’s no question that the tough economic times we’re all facing hasn’t even fazed the stars as a few have been seen apartment or house hunting just recently. God only knows where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt live – France, New Orleans, Timbuktu – they’ve called so many places their home but recently, Jolie was spotted out […]

Glad to See I’m not the Only One

It’s finally becoming fashionable to make fun of Angelina Jolie and I am clapping my hands in delight! The Changeling star was the source of great entertainment this past weekend on Saturday Night Live as Abby Elliott did a great job of portraying the actress and playing up on some of those irritating habits the real-life Jolie has. This is […]

I’ll Keep my Mouth Shut for Knox and Vivienne

Yep here’s a post about Brad and Angelina where I’m actually going to gush a little bit. Even I don’t want to think any bitter thoughts as I look at Knox and Vivienne Pitt-Jolie, who are now about six months old, as the four members of the family travel to Japan and Brad and Angelina are seen toting […]

Brad and Angie at the SAG Awards

One super nauseating thing about award season is that we are forced to repeatedly look at the same stars and while this is part of what makes the beginning of the year so great, as we look at all the stars we love, it also forces us to look at some of the more irritating […]

Brad and Angie Inappropriately Declare their Love

And how else would this couple do anything? They are inappropriate in everything they do! Everyone is talking about how great Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie looked at the Critic’s Choice Awards on Thursday and how in love they looked. Aw, it’s always nice when homewreckers find their happy ending. And while this may seem all fine […]

Angelina Told another Pregnancy may be Unsafe

Pitt Puts Himself Back in the News

It seems as though whenever people stop talking about Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie for a minute or two, they seem to come up with all these stories that put them back into the headlines. So when there’s an onslaught of stupid non-news surrounding this now-boring-but-still-cheating couple, you can bet it’s because they have reprimanded their reps […]

The Jolie-Pitts Just Won’t Shut Up!

Honestly, people talk about Jennifer Aniston and how much they wish that she would just shut her trap but I can see why it would be so hard for her when her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, and his snaky partner, Angelina Jolie just won’t shut up about how they fell in love – and more specifically, […]

Angelina and her Damn Love for Knives!

I don’t care what you say…the Brangelina’s are messed up folks! China Daily (along with a few other sources) have been reporting that Angelina apparently likes to throw knives around when she gets mad. Well come on, don’t we all? There’s nothing like giving someone else a near-death experience to really blow off some steam. […]

Angelina Buys her Good Name

Gasp! Not! This is not at all that shocking. Angelina Jolie lives her life the way she wants, not caring who she hurts and only wanting to get her way but she doesn’t want you to know that. Instead, she puts all kinds of time into good deeds for those in far away country and […]

Cute Shiloh Talk

Well I guess the good thing about stars exploiting their children and having to listen ad nauseum about them, their family, their pets, and what their favorite foods are, is that somewhere in the mix you get the occasional cute-kid story. And this one with Shiloh, daughter of course to Brangelina, is surea giggler! From […]

They Make it Too Easy!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are such idiots, it’s almost as though they want the entire world to hate them. Apparently, the child-collecting couple are upset about the interview that Jennifer Aniston recently did with Vogue. I posted on the interview when it first came out and although the interview was filled with much more […]

Jen Does Vogue and Opens Up where can i buy lavender water

Even though she has alluded to it when doing shows such as Oprah, Jennifer Aniston has never really come out and publicly, directly spoken about her divorce from Brad Pitt. She sort of element symbol for chlorine and of went into hiding for a little while afterwards and then when she did come out, she […]

Angelina Doesn’t Know Who she Is

Angelina: No Anger or Ambition