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Amy Adams Has a Baby Girl!

Yay! I’m so excited about this!! After months and months of watching Amy Adams’ growing baby bump, she’s delivered a beautiful baby girl over this past weekend! There are actually quite a few details that we have so far, including that baby Aviana Olea Legallo weighed exactly 7 pounds when she was born, and that […]

Bump Watch: Amy Adams

Oh, I’m so happy that today is about happiness and excitement rather than doom and divorce, like yesterday’s headlines seemed to be. First we had Jessica Alba spending some quality time with her family and here we have Amy Adams, on her way to her baby shower and looking big and beautiful! Amy’s always beautiful […]

Bump Watch: Amy Adams

I’m really developing a soft spot for Amy Adams. At first I thought she was just another starlet that would pop up on the big screen, appear with one or two big names, and then fade out into the background. But then I watched Julie & Julia and realized that this girl has got a […]

Amy Adams is Pregnant

US is reporting that Amy Adams, who played Julie in Julie & Julia, is expecting her first baby with her fiance, Darren Legallo. I’m not a huge, huge fan of Amy Adams but I do like her and I still really need to see Julie & Julia (which by the way, was available on Blu-Ray […]