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Jessica Sierra: Pregnant, In Jail, In Porn

Not only is Jessica Sierra in a range of charming little home movies starring her tits, ass, and snatch in the leading roles, as well as being in jail for various little illegal bits of fun, but Jessica is also pregnant with a little Christmas bundle of joy! From TMZ: “Holy Jamie Lynn! TMZ has […]

American Idol Contestants; Do Sex Tapes Save Careers?

It seems like every other day, some new semi-celebrity is trying to make waves by having sex with another washed up, barely celebrity, and then making a video of it. Not that Paula Abdul is washed up; but she is old, and she is well…. fine, she’s washed up. Sorry; truth hurts. Well, remember Corey […]

Anthony Fedorov is playing in the Fantasticks

Do you remember Anthony Fedorov from American Idol 4?Anthony Fedorov is going to play Matt, in the world’s longest-running Off-Broadway musical, the Fandasticks. Anthony will join the cast of the Fantasticks on Tuesday, May 1, 2007. For those who are interested to watch the show, ticketmaster.com offers ticketsat 76$ and 32$ (only for selected seating […]