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Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are Still Going Strong

Even though you’d never know it. Cameron Diaz and A-Rod are both keeping pretty hush-hush about their relationship, even when they’re at a Yankees party with all the players and their wives. That’s where they were just recently but, Cameron and A-Rod stayed on separate sides of the room, while Cameron chatted up the wives and hung out with them […]

No Big Wedding for Cameron Diaz

No, the wedding rumors haven’t started just yet about Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez, but if these two ever do decide to tie the knot, it won’t be a huge, grand affair of any kind. Not if Cameron has anything to say about it, at least. With the soon to be released movie, Shrek Forever […]

What’s the Deal with A-Rod?

Alex Rodriguez has been made famous, if not for his all-star baseball skills, than for making otherwise intelligent women in Hollywood fall for him like complete idiots. Seriously, I don’t know what the deal is with this guy, and I certainly don’t understand why so many women find him so incredibly attractive. But, after Madonna […]

Is Kate Hudson Pregnant?

Lots of people have been talking lately about the state of Kate Hudson’s boobs. Did she get a boob job? And if she did, why’d she get such small ones? I’m in agreement with Celebitchy, I think that if Kate did get a boob job, then she should be applauded for getting normal, orange-sized boobs […]

Is Derek Jeter Getting Married?

I’m not a big baseball fan. I have to admit, before Alex Rodriguez started dating Madonna, I only vaguely knew who he was. But I definitely didn’t know what he team he played for, and I still couldn’t tell you what position he plays. The same goes for Derek Jeter, but even more so. I […]

Kate Hooks Up with Madonna After Breaking up with A-Rod

It was earlier this week when it was announced that Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez had split up. Reports are still varying as to who split with who, whether or not the two are still on friendly terms, or if there is a chance of them getting back together. So far it seems that anything […]

Kate and A-Rod are Not Engaged, So They Say

I didn’t even knowthat Kate Hudson went wandering around sporting a diamond ring on her left hand until the reports that she was engaged were denied. Of course, whenever a female celeb walks around wearing a band around their left finger, people automatically assume that she’s been engaged. And for good reason. But the reports […]

Hudson Goes Public with A-Rod

It’s no secret that Kate Hudson has been trying tokeep her relationship with Alex Rodriguez a secret ever since they started dating a few months ago. But, this headline still confuses me. Apparently over this past weekend, Kate Hudson went to support her man at the annual New York Yankees picnic and they had a […]

A Check-In on A-Rod and Kate

It’s been awhile since we checked in on Kate Hudson and her newest beau, Alex Rodriguez. But the two were seen enjoying some couple time together in Newport Beach, California this past weekend. Apparently, the two had a quiet dinner together before Alex went to play MLB the next day and Kate played mommy to […]

An Update on the Weirdest Love Triangle Ever

Didn’t This Happen Last Year?

Kate, Kate, Kate. It seems that Kate Hudson can never venture into new waters as far as men are concerned as she’s famous for recycling her lovers such as her infamous on-again/off-again fling with Owen Wilson. Well it seems that union, which was recently reported to have been rekindled in February, has once again fizzled out and Kate has […]

Well We Knew it was Going to Happen, Didn’t We?

Of course being with Jesus Luz made Madonna look like a pathetic cougar who had absolutely no moral standards whatsoever. Not only because she’s old enough to be his mature mother but also because she was shacking up with him just months after her divorce. Not to mention that all of this was coming off the heels […]

Kate and Owen: Reunited!

That sound you hear is me squealing in delight as one of my favorite Hollywood couples have found their way back to each other once again! Yep, forget Madonna’s sloppy A-Rod seconds and forget handsome golfer-boy Adam Scott. There’s really only one true love for Kate Hudson and that is of course, Owen Wilson. It was just announced that […]

Who is Kate Hudson Dating?

 Kate Hudson has been a very busy girl lately, promoting her new movie with Anne Hathaway, Bride Wars, as well as always talking about her life, her loves, and everything else that we want to know, to just about any magazine that will listen. She has been quoted as having talked about everything from ‘vowing’ to pose […]

Kate Hudson will be single for awhile

And I for one, am glad to hear it. It’s no secret that Kate Hudson likes to have a nice piece of man-candy on her arm at all times and this year alone she has been linked to her former love, Owen Wilson, has sparked rumors that she was playing with fire with Alex Rodriguez and even […]

More on Madonna

This whole divorce has made me realize how truly ugly of a person Madonna is. It actually pains me a little to say that because I, like so many other people, grew up looooving Madonna. I loved the fact that she represented everything my mom hated and I loved the fact that she was always […]

The Thanksgiving Day Charade is Over!

Thank God it’s Over!

Well I guess Madonna’s name is still good for something because she has been granted a quick divorce from her very-soon-to-be-ex husband, Guy Ritchie. I think other than the fact that this very smart judge realized that the entire world wanted to stop hearing about these two, the divorce was granted so quickly because really, […]

Get Ready for a Cat Fight!

It seems as though both Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez want to test the wrath of Madonna. The two were both at the same huge event, the opening of the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami and they, well at least Kate, was hoping to take things to a whole new level. From the sounds of it, […]

Why are People Shocked About This?