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Kevin Connolly Is A Desperate Skirt Chaser

Honestly, who picks people up from “Dancing With The Stars”? The only people who watch that show are the families of the has-been’s who are in it. Excepting of course, people who have a genuine interest in watching has been’s look like idiots. Which you know, I could be all for, depending. Anyway, Kevin Connolly […]

Paris Hilton Won’t Be Pulling An Angelina Jolie

Even though Paris Hilton has previously admitted to JoanCollins that she wants kids and a steady guy, and that her buddy Nicole Richie is going to be the “the best mom ever,” she isn’t planning on adopting any kids. When she was interviewed by People, at Friday’s Kate Somerville White Room Emmy suite in West […]

Paris Wants Kids, So Keep Yours Indoors

Yeah, apparently Paris Hilton told Joan Collins in an interview that she wants to have kids. Um, whose kids? And will they be staying long? I think everyone remembers that time she “lost” her dog. And then she remembered she left it at her grandparents’ house. Not that Paris Hilton is a bad person or […]

Adrian & Paris: Shacking Up

Although Mr. Sexy, aka, Adrian Grenier, was previously going on about he and Paris were just friends, he’s finally admitted that he just wants some alone time with pretty little Paris. TMZ caught up with the cute little pair at Paris‘ house in Malibu the other day. Adrian is making a documentary about paparazzi; apparently […]