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Is Britney Becoming a Jew?

When Britney Spears decides to do something, she really goes all out, doesn’t she? If she wants to spend more time with her kids, she locks herself in a bathroom with one of them. If she wants to get a haircut, she shaves her entire head. Now, she’s started dating her agent, Jason Trawick, and […]

Britney Has Naked Pics

Britney’s Granted a Restraining Order and Death Threats

Britney Spears has gotten somewhat of a break, if you consider getting a more permanent restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, any kind of a victory in this whole mess that she’s found herself in. A temporary restraining order was placed against Ghalib at the beginning of the year, when he took part in trying to worm […]

Spears’ New Man

All seems to have been going pretty well in the life of Ms. Britney Spears lately, minus the necessary restraining orders and working to get time with her kids, all while trying to put on a tour that seems somewhat doomed from the start. But someone from Britney’s camp was just saying not too long ago that […]

Britney Just Wants Somebody to Love

If Britney Spears has her way, we may all soon be talking about her new relationship and the rumor mill will be all ablaze with stories about how she’s pregnant, married, or headed for Splitsville. But this is all getting very far ahead of ourselves as much to Britney’s dismay, she can’t find a man no matter […]

Britney’s Ongoing Hell

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be Britney Spears. This is a girl who has been in the spotlight her entire life and having made money from that spotlight, has been surrounded by people that want something from her. Imagine what it must be like to separate those who only want to use you […]

Britney’s Sex Tape Scandal

I often compare the world of Hollywood to that of a soap opera and in the case of soaps, there’s a fact that all loyal viewers know: when life is going too good for a character, they’re in for a world of hurt very soon, and Britney Spears is sure a prime example right now […]

Adnan & Britney: Are They On Or Off? send flowers to toronto

Despite a lack of renting wedding flowers and of coverage on the flower.delivery toronto and the tragic and troubled couple, Kathy Griffin, known for her non-entertaining and ultimately boring show, “My Life On The D-List,” says that they are still an item. Kathy‘s been hanging around with Adnan for an episode of flowers toronto delivery […]

Britney May Be Getting Smart

Well, smart may be a bit of a stretch but it does look like she may be jumping off the crazy train. Of course we all know that Britney is back visiting her boys and that her father, Jamie Spears is pretty much in control of everything she does. All of this may be doing […]

Oops…She’s Done it Again!

Yes, Britney Spears once again has the media whirling around her. (As if they ever stopped!) What has she done this time? Shaved her head? Freaked out and refused to give her children back? Been placed in a padded cell? Gotten married? Supposedly, the last one is the truth. Star Magazine reports that Britney has […]

Britney Spears Suicide Drama

Britney Spears has been hospitalized again, after what was first reported as a suicide attempt on Wednesday. Her house was surrounded by helicopters, ambulances, cops, and paparazzi. According to the other rags, Britney‘s mom, Lynne Spears, Alli Sims, and Adnan Ghalib, her boyfriend were all there too. From Perez Hilton: “The police showed up at […]