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People Are Still Talking about Adam Lambert’s AMA Performance

Is Lambert Backlash Necessary? Or Overkill?

I have no doubt that Adam Lambert was certainly hoping to make a statement with his lewd performance at the American Music Awards last Sunday. But instead of that statement being, “I’m here and you want more of me!”, it was “You’re here, and we don’t want you!” Yes, Adam Lambert has had many appearances […]

What Did You Think of Adam Lambert’s AMAs Performance?

So one of the many big scandals that came out of last night’s American Music Awards ceremony was Adam Lambert’s performance. I was expecting something from Adam that I would find completely grotesque but that’s just because it’s Adam Lambert and in general, I find him completely grotesque. But the big deal ended up being […]

Gene Simmons Thinks Adam Lambert Ruined his Own Career

I understand that everyone thinks that Gene Simmons is some kind of brilliant business man but, I just don’t get it. I don’t get him. Every time Gene Simmons opens his mouth, I’m only reminded of how stupid he is and how he has no idea how the world works. I know, I know. He’s […]

Is Adam Lambert Gay? Do You Care?

Throughout the entire season of American Idol this year, the debate went whether or not the one of the best contestants, Adam Lambert was gay. Because it seemed so obvious to me that he was in fact gay, I thought the entire thing was something contrived by him and ‘his people’ to make him a household name […]