Mold Might Be What Killed Brittany Murphy and Her Husband

The deaths of Brittany Murphy and her husband, Simon Monjack, really did seem too similar to just be coincidence, didn’t they? I mean, they died within five months of each other, and they both passed away in the master bathroom of their home. Something just seemed to be very, very wrong. Either that or Simon decided to end his life in the most tragic way possible, which seemed to have been eliminated as a possible reason for his death shortly afterwards. Now though, it seems there might be a much more logical reason for the two deaths. And that reason might be mold. Mold, as we all know, wreaks havoc on the respiratory system. And because they both suffered from pneumonia, the mold just worsened the condition and as a result, both Brittany and Simon died from it. This comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry,

“The investigations into the death of Brittany Murphy and her husband Simon Monjack has taken a new path. Britney passed away from what was believed at the time to be pneumonia complicated by her abuse of prescription drugs and her husband passed away five month later of the same cause. They both died in the same house.

Apparently the Los Angeles Department of Public Health is looking into the matter because they think mold may have actually killed them both. Because both of them had pneumonia and because mold attacks the respiratory system they believe mold may have been the contributing factor in their death. Brittany’s mother Sharon is allowing investigators to examine their home in West Hollywood.”

Well this is not good news at all. But I am happy about one thing, and that’s the fact that all these rumors about Brittany abusing prescription drugs might finally cometo a rest. Once again, our thoughts go out to Brittany and Simon’s family. I still can’t watch a movie of hers without feeling incredibly saddened by her passing that was far, far too soon.

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#1 Richard A on 07.29.10 at 4:33 pm

“Doctor: No Way Toxic Mold Killed Brittany Murphy, Husband” AOL — by Catherine Donaldson-Evans

AOL and its author are in serious danger of litigation from this article and its consequences. Not only has AOL committed journalistic fraud on a health crisis impacting millions of Americans, but you have deliberately given dangeous medical and remediation advice that will cause injury and possibly morbidity to thousands of trusting readers. You will notice that EVERY case-specific argument is invalid, there are gross scientific facts that are lies or gross misrepresentations in the article, and you actually give remediation advice? Is $$$$$$ a word?

Dr. Len Horovitz should have his medical license suspended for commenting on a case where he knows nothing about the victims or the environment. How can a physician make these case-specific comments in your article with:

1) No allergy studies
2) No blood antibody studies
3) No air samples
4) No qualified inspections of the property
5) No fungal studies in the sinus or lungs

AOL’s “experts” say “the chances that mold could cause pneumonia, particularly a lethal strain, in two young people are highly improbable” ABSURD! You NEED to quote the names of these experts along with their credentials on the subject. We have hundreds of very experienced doctors in the US treating mold victims, and we all know the dozens of bought and paid for physicians who deny mold as a matter of finance. WHO are your experts AOL? NAME THEM.

How then, doctor can you have an opinion?

Next, what about these statements:

“mold is rarely, if ever, deadly” Absolutely false. PROVING mold is the primary cause of death is rate. Mold as a co-factor is an epidemic across the nation, and the doctor knows that.

“There’s probably just as much mold in her shower as there is in yours.” Excuse me? What does mold in shower have to do with chronic long term exposure? Dr. Horovitz, property insurance defense can’t even use that asinine backwards logic any more. How the hell can AOL print such a grossly ignorant statement?

“If they had a mold problem, the environmental inspectors would come in. They wouldn’t go to the hospital over it, and they certainly wouldn’t die over it.” Is this “doctor” implying that the patient should be able to self-diagnose when they are environmentally exposed or have a hidden cause of illness? Tell that to the millions who have died from unnoticed heart conditions, you damn fool. You are actually blaming the victims that they would have gone to a hospital from acute mold exposure? What kind of insane logic is that for a modern doctor. Plus, with a mother like Sharon, even now denying the possibility of mold, do you really think they would have come to the conclusion that mold caused their illness?

“Symptoms of mold exposure are similar to those that accompany asthma and allergies: shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing and sinus problems” Good, you’ve covered the allergenic effects. What about the irritant effects? And, what about the toxigenic effects.

“In rare cases, mold can cause a certain type of fungal pneumonia in people with severely compromised immune systems, like those with HIV.” True, fungal infections are rare — (where the fungus is actually growing in the patient). It is most common with sinusitus — which the national institute of health says is practically always mold infection. But, you don’t need fungal infection to have pneumonia, do you? And, pneumonia can be deadly correct doctor? And, when you add immuno-compromise caused by mis-prescribed medications to cover mold symptoms, you have a person who may be weakened to the point approaching HIV.

“Mold does not cause anemia” This is a lie. How can you make such a broad statement that is absolutely false? Mold and mycotoxins can absolutely impact red blood count, and increase white blood cells — and that’s just the beginning of how it can impact bloodwork. How can this doctor lie like this?

Shame on you AOL! But wait, there’s more:

“Mold that is black in color is a common household variety and tends to lurk on painted or wallpapered walls and in carpet, tile, insulation and upholstery, DIYLife reported. “ Excuse me? Again, there are hundreds of thousands of species of mold and many go through a black phase. Are you speaking of stachybotrys or fusarium? Based on the blanket ignorance of your article, I assume you mean the former, but the latter is up to 100 times more deadly. You really don’t have any idea what you are talking about do you AOL?

The L.A. County Health Department is the WORST SOURCE of information on this issue. Ask Betsy P (if she works there) about her qualifications on the subject. She is completely incompetent on the subject and Betsy will not admit you have mold unless she sees it — even if 1000 square feet are concealed behind your walls and your children are dying. I know this personally.

The only statement he got right: “black mold” is vague as it doesn’t identify the specific type” Somewhat true. stachybotrys, for instance, is only black during certain growth phases. Many other species go through a black colored life cycle as well. I would say the only red herring, doctor is this word… but that has nothing scientifically or medically to do with disproving this case — that’s the media’s buzzword and has no relevance scientifically.

“wear a full face mask and get rid of it using a mix of 20 parts warm water, one part detergent and five parts bleach, DIYLife advises.” I AM WARNING DIYLife and AOL that you are 100% accoutable for those individuals who follow this insanely dangerous advice. The WHO, the CDC, the NIH, and OSHA should collectively slam you on the heads… and I pray you are held accountable for the poor souls who become injured by following your glib ignorant advice. But hey, to spice up your imminent lawsuits, DIYLife, why not just tell folks to tear out their asbestos themselves while they are at it?

Last, AOL shot yourself in the foot once and for all with this little factoid: “The Murphy home had been plagued by persistent leaking,” Aha! So there have been water leaks and inspections and even a lawsuit. My guess is that they want to sell this property but do not want to go through the economic hassel of Ed McMahon, who was also a mold victim…. and could not sell his mansion do to bad press.

Shame on you AOL heath. Shame on your ignornace, which can only be explained away as deliberate. You get a worse grade than “F” on this article. And, the millions who believe you can hold you accountabl for their mold damages, because everything you said is a lie that will harm and possibly kill countless readers. Shame on you!

Brittany seemed to be a lovely person and a kind spirit. I doubt she would want her mom Sharon to lose her chance to save millions of lives. Right now Sharon is guaranteeing repeat performances of Brittany’s tragedy across the US.

#2 kateb on 08.01.10 at 3:25 am

Wow, that’s a very interesting, albeit strongly opinionated and completely wrong, article. The article says that Sharon is allowing investigations into the home which would gain the air study samples and the inspection of the property that the author states are absolutely needed before giving such a “ridiculous” theory. And let’s all remember that it’s just a theory that’s being presented at this point and it does actually make sense. Why get all bent out of shape about it? If mold is what killed them, it would be good to know (especially for anyone else who may live in that home in the future), and if it didn’t, I’m sure we’ll all go on wondering. It’s not really anything to go around slandering people and shaming them about. And to put something like that on Brittany’s mom. Shame on this author.

#3 Richard A on 08.01.10 at 10:47 am

I assume the article you say is ridiculous is the AOL article. Agreed.

As for getting ‘bent out of shape’ — when an article on AOL is absolutely scientifically inaccurate on 95% of the content, that would be a cause for upset, would it not? Unless, you are unaware of the millions of dollars that have been spent trying to deny that mold presents any health risks in America.

I trust you are aware of this misinformation campaign has been occurring for over a decade now — led largely by property insurance who have finally eliminated mold coverage in their policies. Lives have been ruined. The ability to clean up public spaces and schools has been derailed. Millions and millions are suffering from mold exposure and have to face the mis-information campaign before they can get legitimate help.

Last, if you think property owners like Sharon are eager to have their estates declared mold-infested, and will probably need to spend all of her potential profit in a sale on remediation before someone buys it… IF someone buys it…. if you think this is a casual concern, you are… again, naive.

Your criticism is based on a complete lack of knowledge of the politics and ramifications of such a national news story. Shame on you for wanting to put this massive issue into a neat little box so you can sleep better — while millions of others — like a huge percentage of our nation’s school children for starters — are breathing moldy air that would have been remediated if nay sayers would stop insisting on their comfort level being met. The Gulf oils spill was no big deal either, was it? We’re all just slandering BP, aren’t we? (based on your logic)

#4 Raquel Diaz on 06.10.12 at 12:09 pm

It wasn’t mold that killed Britt and Simon – but why are the courts so adamantly preventing Brittany’s Dad from conducting independent testing on her tissues, since neither the LAPD nor the Coroner have tested her specimens for poisons and toxins? What are they hiding?

New allegations in Brittany Murphy’s death case

In an exclusive interview with the Los Angeles Homeland Security Examiner, Brittany Murphy’s father, Angelo Bertolotti and his attorney, Chance E. Gordon, Esq. raise new claims about missing court filings in the LA Superior Court Case No. BC476868.

#5 JD LEWIS on 06.16.13 at 12:34 pm

Sounds like someone is protecting a slew of rental properties with mold?….or Richard no it all is getting paid to fend off mold dangers….I got news for you pal….I’m a home inspector and have been sick 23 times from toxic mold,verified….in fact one litigated and won,which paid my time off,not the damage it did to my once athletic lungs,I now have c.o.p.d….neber smoked in my life,so blow it out your ass fella untill you get it,or crawl in it,even with a g dam mask,shut your pie hole BIG R

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