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Another day, another slew of Mel Gibson headlines. These ones actually center much more around Oksana Grigorieva, and it seems that she’s digging herself a very deep grave. First there was the fact that Oksana released the tapes at all, a direct violation of the terms the family court judge ordered upon her. This led to questions as to whether or not Oksana ruined her custody case, and from the fact that Mel still has joint custody of her kids, that seems to be the case. Now though, it seems she may have ruined another court case of hers, and that’s the one in which she’s taking Mel to court for threatening and beating her.

Apparently, all of the horribleness that Mel spewed out on those tapes won’t be able to be admitted into court because Mel had no idea that Oksana was taping him. And if someone doesn’t know they’re being taped, those tapes and whatever is on them cannot be used in a court case. So she may have just flushed her entire case(s) down the toilet. From The Hollywood Gossip,

“Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson both signed a “short form agreement,” a bare-bones contract outlining the broad components the custody settlement.

The lawyers then drafted a long form agreement which contained specifics, but at that point she refused to sign the deal, claiming that she felt coerced.

Mel never paid Oksana under the deal, as the short contract didn’t spell out the specifics of payment and Oksana refused to sign the longer one that did.

Meanwhile, some of Grigorieva’s text messages to Gibson have surfaced that could make their secretly-recorded conversations inadmissible in court.

Oksana clearly recorded the conversations without Mel’s knowledge, and if a person isn’t told the conversation is being recorded, it’s not admissible.

Of course, if she feared for her safety and believed the call related to the commission of a felony (and he did threaten to kill her), it’s a legal gray area.

However, reports say she sent Mel several text messages in which she states she recorded the phone calls because Mel didn’t keep his part of the deal.

Mel’s lawyers will likely use Oksana’s texts to prove she was after money. Her side counters that if she were after money, she would have just signed.”

I can see that those tapes would not be admissible because they were unknowingly recorded. But, Ithink that her side is right. If she was just after money, I do think she would have just signed the deal once Mel offered it to her. And that’s not the only way that Oksana’s story might not have the momentum that it did when the story first broke, because her dentist is now giving conflicting reports as to whether or not her broken teeth were due to the fact that she had been struck in the mouth. Initially, the doctor had reported that the damage to her teeth was due to a chain reaction after being hit in the head, but that there was no actual hit to the mouth. Now, he’s changed his story saying that Oksana definitely was hit in the mouth, and that’s how her teeth became damaged. This comes from TMZ,

“The dentist who examined Oksana Grigorieva the day after the January 6 showdown with Mel Gibson now says she was indeed struck in the mouth.

A representative for Dr. Ross Shelden tells TMZ, “Based on Dr. Shelden’s observations and his experience, Oksana sustained injuries from being struck twice, once in the side of the head and once in the mouth.”

TMZ broke the story … the dentist privately said last week there was no swelling or bruising on Oksana’s mouth and believed the damage to her veneers was caused by a “chain reaction” caused by a blow to the left temple. The doctor had said there was no evidence of a strike to the mouth.

But the rep now says the doctor will go on record saying there was indeed a blow to Oksana’s mouth.”

So, is anyone buying Dr. Shelden’s newest story? I’m certainly not, and I think it reeks of a huge payoff. Too bad though, because it’s certainly going to discredit Oksana’s story and I want to see Mel burn for what he did. Unfortunately, he probably won’t, just like so many other celebrities that don’t seem to be held accountable for their actions. This latest on whatwill or will not happen to Mel, comes from Celebrity Gossip, along with the rebuttal from Mel’s camp as to the story that ran a few days ago about how Mel was moving to Australia. From Celebrity Gossip,

“Following a shocking week of profanity laden audio tape releases, Mel Gibson’s future has become the focal point of media outlets around the globe.

With numerous rumors stemming from the Oksana Grigorieva breakup accusations, insiders tell that the “Lethal Weapon” actor will most likely not be facing any jail time once all is said and done.

Asked by People magazine if Gibson will land behind bars, L.A. prosecutor Jeffery Rubenstein tells, “I doubt it. At most, Mel will probably be charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Oksana’s alleged injuries don’t seem to rise to a felony level and because Mel has no serious prior convictions, that’ll also lessen his chances of a felony. His alleged threats, while horrifying and completely over-the-top, aren’t necessarily a crime; there has to be evidence of a real intent to carry them out. If convicted, he’ll probably get probation and counseling.”

Meanwhile, it has also been claimed that Mel is planning on heading to Australia with his ex-wife during the tumultuous times in his personal life.

The Daily Mail reports, “Mel Gibson’s recent troubles have driven him to put an ocean between himself and ex Oksana Grigorieva as he is quitting Hollywood and moving to Australia!”

Debunking the Land Down Under relocation, a rep for the 54-year-old actor says that there is “no truth” to the Daily Mail story.”

So unfortunately, it’s looking like Mel Gibson might escape jail time and I suppose that when you look at the facts, he really didn’t do anything that was illegal, with the exception of beating his wife. But to be honest, I’m not too sure how much jail time domestic violence cases get, and it’s certainly not the life sentence that I would like Mel to receive. And even though the things he said were heinous, it’s really not against the law to be an ass, although I’m sure Oksana’s lawyers could trump up an “uttering death threats” charge too. Still won’t be enough time if you ask me.

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#1 Eric Schiffer Fanatic on 07.20.10 at 8:17 pm

Though I know it’s not cool, but I’m starting to feel sorry for the guy. He’s being bashed left and right and he can’t even defend himself. Oh well, that’s Hollywood for you.

#2 kateb on 07.22.10 at 1:23 am

What defense is there? He’s being bashed left and right because he deserves it. But that being said, it’s just my opinion. And having one that’s different from mine isn’t “uncool.” People are free to like and defend whoever they want.

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