Mel Gibson – Could it Get Any Worse?

Mel Gibson just keeps sinking deeper, doesn’t he? First there were the tapes that had him recorded as sayingthat he hoped his ex, Oksana, got raped by a pack of n***ers because she would deserve it. And now, new tapes have been released. These tapes have Mel talking about how he’s “going to put her in a rose garden” and he admits (by omission of denial) that he hit her in the face while she was holding their infant child. 

These new tapes are going to put the final nail in the coffin for Mel. People seemed to be pretty forgiving after his anti-Semitic rant a few years back but I don’t think he’s coming back from this one. The world seemed to have blamed that ’06 rant on Mel’s alcoholism but, he’s really got no excuse for this one. It’s clear to anyone who’s heard the tapes that he’s sober and that he’s fully aware of the gravity of the situation. The excerpts from these latest tapes come from Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Mel Gibson – who has been dropped by his agent in the light of audio tapes which hear him threaten former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva with burial in a rose garden – is heard in newly released clips telling her during an argument she should be hit around the head. Tapes revealed to hear him say: “You need a f***ing bat around the head. Alright, how about that?”

At a later point in the tape Russian-born Oksana says: “You’re going to answer one day, boy, you’re going to answer.” The Braveheart actor responds asking her if she is threatening him, to which she says: “I’m not the one to threaten.” Mel adds: “Threaten ya? I’ll put you in a f***ing rose garden you ****. You understand that? Because I’m capable of it. You understand that?”

An extended release of a previous clip also hears Mel admit to hitting the Russian singer in the face while she held their two-month old baby Lucia. She says: “What kind of man is that? Hitting a woman when she’s holding a child in her hands? Breaking her teeth twice in the face! What kind of man is that?” Mel responds: “Oh, you’re all angry now! You know what, you f***ing deserved it.”

And this time, those horrific words aren’t just horrifying to you and me, but to Mel’s good buddies too. Not only has his agent dropped him, but Whoopi Goldberg, who is known to have been very good friends with Mel, called him an ass on The View and reportedly, many of his other friends have said that he’s “in a dark place” and that they’re not ready to support him on this one publicly or privately. 

Mel Gibson though, is still trying to take Oksana to court for extortion, as it’s rumored that she threatened him with leaking the tapes and told him that if he paid up, she would keep her mouth shut. Whatever. I guess if that extortion case goes his way, which I don’t think it will, it will be the only income that Mel ever sees again.

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#1 Greg the Mongoose on 07.13.10 at 7:02 am

Mel goto Switzerland. NO extradition back to the United States.

#2 Julz on 01.21.11 at 5:33 pm

You know what ever happend to innocent till proven quilty. This is a film star and this chick is a wanna be something or other. Is it at ALL POSSIBLE, that Mel is being used for his money and that is all the “chick” wanted in the first place, and she is from where “RUSSIA”. Tapes these days can be tampered with and made to sound like what you want them to. I would be more curious to hear what ISN’T being heard on those tape that she is saying to intentionally provoke the man. People seriously are we so far gone on all the hype crap that after how many years of entertainment this man has given we are ready to hang him and take that “chicks” side………????? REALLY Other hollywood people have done worse and still have a life and career and we are still cheering them so I say WTF give the man some support for ALL THE GOOD………God Bless Mel.

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