Angelina Jolie Continues Efforts to Make You Think She’s Cool and Aloof

Angelina Jolie has that new movie, Salt, coming out so you know that we’re going to be bombarded with crazy promotion and even crazier interviews from Angelina. One of the first ones we get is from MTV News, and she talks about her new tattoo that she got for her hubby, Brad Pitt. Or rather, she brings it up but then doesn’t talk about it. This, I’m sure, is all an effort to continue to make people think that she’s aloof and oh-so-cool. But really, it’s just Angelina trying to turn that air of mystery on her in the hopes that we all sit around and talk about what that tattoo could possibly be. Whatever. I don’t care, and I’d rather not know about any ink that’s anywhere on Angelina’s thigh. This, from Digital Spy,

“Angelina Jolie has revealed that she has a new tattoo on her inner thigh, which she got for Brad Pitt.

In an interview with MTV News, the Salt star however refused to say what the new ink mark could be.

She said: “Um, it’s for Brad. It is something for Brad.”

When asked what makes a relationship successful, she added: “I actually think it’s important to be completely honest, however difficult that may be. I’m bad at hiding secrets anyway.”

Yes, and we all know just how bad Angelina is at keeping secrets, aren’t we? So I guess that means that we’ll all know sooner or later just what that ink is for Braddy-Poo. I’m always grateful whenever Angelina has a new movie coming out. It also means more interviews and more stupid comments made by her. And that’s always good for a laugh.

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