Britney Spears’ Cosmo Questionnaire Answers

Britney Spears appears on the August cover of Cosmopolitan, and she also filled out a short questionnaire filled with random questions about being a mom, being a superstar, and well, just being Britney. I came across the questionnaire on Celebitchy, who doesn’t seem to think that the questions were actually answered by Britney, but in fact by her publicist. I however, disagree.

I do think that some of the answers sound a little rehearsed, but I also think that Britney has been in the biz long enough to know which answers are appropriate and will be well-received, and which are not. Let’s remember that she’s not crazy anymore, people. I also think that her answers show just what a well-balanced person she has turned back into, and that she’s not just this crazy pop princess, she’s also a real mom who has real issues with things like teaching your kids to use the potty. From Cosmo via Celebitchy,

“Multiple choice questions:

I’m dreading the moment when my sons ask me: how babies are made
If I had to wear one style of shoes for the rest of my life, I’d choose: flip-flops
Stage fright is something that: still bothers me
The one stage prop I wish I still had is: the flying pink SUV from my Do Somethin’ video
If a guy wants to make me laugh, all he has to do is: fall down
If my sons told me they wanted to be in the entertainment business, I’d: lock them in their rooms until they turned 30
The thought of turning 30 in a year and a half makes me: reflect on my life so far
I perform my best when: I’m amped
The TV show I’d most love to make a cameo on is: Gossip Girl.

Fill in the blanks:

Even though I’ve already accomplished so much, I’m driven to achieve more because: I genuinely love what I do and the company I keep is so much fun.
My preferred fashion style when I’m performing is: exciting, different and always stands out, but when I’m offstage, it’s: flattering yet comfortable
I feel most powerful when: I’m working out
I attribute my career’s longevity most to: hard work
Having people constantly taking my picture is: something I always knew would come with the job I chose
I’ve found that a great way to deal with nerves before a performance is to: move around
When I’m feeling down, I find that I’m always cheered up by: coffee & ice cream
The person whose opinion matters most to me is: my family
The song I sing to lull my boys tosleep is: always different
At this point in my life, what’s most important to me in a guy is: personality
The most difficult adjustment to motherhood I had to make was: teaching my boys potty training.
If an up-and-coming young performer asked me for advice, I’d tell her: life is short, have fun.
The most heroic (crossed out heroic and wrote horrific) thing I’ve ever done is: broken my knee.
The one thing about men and relationships I wish I’d known 10 years ago is: to say what you want. speak your mind!
I know it’s a little weird, but I think: it’s hard to cook
The best advice I ever got was: be yourself!”

There’s just something very Britney-sounding about this interview and I can’t believe that it’s not her that’s talking.I’m very happy to hear her talking again like a normal person, although I think she’s been doing so for quite awhile now. I also think that hearing her talk about things like how it’s hard to cook, and how it was a challenge teaching her boys potty-training, makes her seem much more real. I do think this is the real Britney talking, for the most part anyhow. I think that it sounds like just the right amount of excitement and glitz, mixed in with the right amount of the real Britney talking about flip flops and coffee. I do agree with Celebitchy on one thing though. The airbrushing job they did on Britney just looks ridiculous.

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