Does Matt Bellamy Want to Marry Kate Hudson?

Kate Hudson has been dating Matt Bellamy for only a few months now, and already they’re talking marriage…or rather, one of them is. And, even though it’s Kate that often seems to fall head over heels quicker than you can say “smitten,” this time it’s Matt that’s buying diamond rings, meeting the parents, and talking about marriage. Or rather, talking about it by not talking about it. Whatever he’s trying to say, it’s clear that he really is head over heels for Kate. Thiscomes from US Weekly,

“And over a glass of white wine at the Nordoff Robbins 02 Silver Clef Awards, Matt told us this wasn’t going to be just another showbiz fling. Talking for the first time about his new love, Matt grinned: “Things are going great at the moment.

“I am very happy.

“We had such a good time at Glastonbury. We just have fun together and are seeing how it goes. Kate is great. We have tried to keep things private so we haven’t told anyone how we met or any details like that. We are just doing our thing.”

Unlucky-in-love Kate has had a string of failed relationships with rockers.

But Matt, who bought the starlet a £7,000 diamond encrusted Theo Fennell ring during the fundraising auction, is clearly smitten with the Hollywood actress.

And he is gearing up for the dreaded meeting with his potential mother-in-law, Goldie Hawn – a rendezvous enough to terrify any rocker.

Matt, whose band won the main 02 Silver Clef Award at London’s Hilton Hotel, told us: “I haven’t met Goldie yet.

“We are meeting up next week. I’m quite nervous. You don’t want her reading daft stories about you online – it’s embarrassing when you meet someone’s family for the first time.

“It’s a little bit too soon to talk about weddings and stuff. Ask me again in a few months though. I’ll let you know how it went with Goldie – and then who knows?”

It’s no secret that Kate Hudson and her mom, Goldie Hawn are super tight so, I think Matt is right to think that it needs to go well with Goldie before he can start talking about getting super serious with Kate. But,even if all does go well, I think that even a few months in is a bit early to be talking about marriage. And, is Kate really looking to get married again? It’s hard to say. She does love being in love, and she does seem to like having that male companionship around. But, it’s almost like she enjoys dating and playing the field so much that it’s sort of hard to see her settling down with anyone, especially after just a few months of dating.

If any or all of this is true, I am genuinely happy for them. They do seem to be totally in love, and I’m always happy to see Kate so happy.

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#1 Jane on 07.05.10 at 7:12 pm

I think Kate is more in love with the excitement that goes along with the dating phase. She always seems head over heels in these periods. Kate is probably aware of this and I am not convinced that she is quite ready and willing to get married just yet.

#2 Jenna on 07.14.10 at 8:18 am

Kate Hudson’s chest sure looks better now (compared to when she was with arod). The nose is still looking good too.
Apart from her own ‘augmentations’, could you possibly have found a more photoshopped picture of her? And the guy looks awful, she must be pining for arod.

#3 Jess on 08.07.10 at 3:37 pm

I think that they’re a good couple but you never see any pics of them kissing or anything like that… i dont think they’re ready more marriage, and its the first time Matt’s ever thought of truly getting married, so hes a bit unaware of the consequences… the once year itch in other wordssss . . .
but i hope they’re right for each other… as much as i want matt for myself 🙁

#4 Jill on 08.10.10 at 5:22 am

I really don’t know if this thing is guna last.. Matt Bellamy and his fiancé broke up in December 2009..and they were together for like 9 years or something and he was obviously crazy in love with her.. the proof is in the lyrics dudes… anywho I just don’t think someone can get over someone thay were that in love with and move on and be properly in love again so quickly.. it just doesn’t make much sense… I don’t know about yer wan hudson but I heard..don’t know if this is true… but that she was coming onto thom yorke of radiohead and because he was having none of her, she said to her friend, ” what’s another great rock-band? ” ..Muse was mentioned and so she got stuck into Dominic Howard (the drummer)..but he wasn’t feeling it and so, got her claws stuck into our dear matthew.. for his sake and the sake of muse I really hope this doesn’t last..I don’t want muse to go commercial..which they”ve always been against and I don’t want poor matt to have his heart broken again… think man..THINK!!!

#5 Jenna on 08.18.10 at 5:29 am

She does not deserve a man like Matt. He is way too god for her. And her photo is so totally airbrushed?

#6 georgie on 08.20.10 at 3:05 am

nooo, this isnt gonna work :\
look at the whole thing and think about it hard,
shes like the village bicycle, everyones had a ride..
and i was looking at some photos and her and her friend were linking arms looking happy and matt was totally separated and looking a bit sad.
+ she was originally for Dom Howard, and said Matt was ugly but he was th enext big thing..
she sjust looking for a fame boost.. 🙁
i love Matteh and i hope itll work out with someone else,
iit wont be nie whe his heart gets broken! D’:

#7 jessica on 09.23.10 at 1:21 pm

Kate NEVER had a crush on Dom or vice versa !!!!! Apparantly Dom is dating someone called Sarah now and according to the tweenies on twitter they don’t like it all because where they read it the poster is called sarah too. Well in the Muse camp there are two Dom’s the tour manager is DOMINIC and that’s why Dom is Dom to avoid confusion ! !

#8 Anna on 10.29.10 at 12:52 pm

Have to agree with you about Dom and his girlfriend saw them walking together this morning in New Orleans and her name is Sara as I passed them as one of Muse’s crew shouted the pair of them. As far as couples go Dom and his girlfriend give a much more authentic PDA then Kate and Matt do – think Dom’s relationship is pretty much the real thing , tried to get a photo but was too late but they make a very cute couple as she seems a normal girl next door type ! As long as Dom is happy that’s all that matters and fans need to realise that at the end of the day the guys are human are entitled to have relationships etc ! God forbid how the over obsessed would be should Matt and Dom with Kate and Sara or whoever they may be with have kids , think there would be a lot of meltdowns from various stalkers I mean superfans

#9 Amanda on 12.14.10 at 1:33 pm

Dom’s girlfriend is called Sara , I met them in Sydney whilst they were shopping & asked Dom if he’d mind posing for a photo and he said I’m sure my girlfriend will do the honours , Sara hold this , passing the camera. They are adorable together, she’s just a normal down to earth girl, quite pretty & judging by the way Dom couldn’t take his eyes off her (or hands as they walked away lol) he’s very much in love with her & vice versa !

#10 Cleanseawayoursins on 12.18.10 at 4:00 am

You can say whatever you want, but I don’t think it’s gonna work. Matt is an awesome person and he deserves the best. He’s too amazing for her. But if he’s happy, so I am, I just hope she won’t break his heart because we all Musers know how emotional is Matt. I’m really gonna kill her if he breaks Matt’s heart because he looks very happy with her.

#11 Debz on 01.13.11 at 3:32 am

Now all the baby talk is in the open about matt and kate , at least Dom and his girlfriend can celebrate their engagement away from the publicity

#12 debz on 05.16.11 at 8:10 pm

Well I’ve heard on the grapevine that Dom (Howard) and his sound engineer girlfriend have split up – I say grapevine he wasmouthing off at Heathrow to someone on his phone that they were over and from his yelling seems he found out the friendship she had with one of the guys from avenged sevenfold has turned into a relationship ! If that’s the case lucky girl as they are hotter than Dom !

#13 Cheyenne on 05.31.11 at 3:54 pm

Kate is so damn lucky!!! I would marry Matt in a heartbeat!

#14 mel on 02.29.12 at 11:54 am

sarra and dom are back together – she did break up with him and got engaged to someone in avenged but that ended and sarra now lives with dom

#15 dayna on 11.23.12 at 6:53 pm

does anyone know where this adorable little shirt kate hudson is wearing in this photo came from or who sells it. she makes everything look good . i am a big fan and i wish her and her love all the happiness in the world.

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