Kate Gosselin Has Absolutely Hysterical Botched Botox Job

OMG, what a way to start a Sunday morning, with a good ol’ belly laugh on the behalf of Kate Gosselin, one of the biggest phonies I have ever seen. Just days after being asked what she thought about boob jobs, to which she replied, “Plastic surgery? It’s not for me, who has time?” or something else utterly useless, Kate has stepped out with a horrendous botched Botox job. And by the way, although I realize that Botox may not actually be considered by some to be actual plastic surgery, Kate still had that tummy tuck after pushing out eight kids. So Botox or not, she has already contradicted herself.

But this new look of hers is just too funny to pass up! Instead of looking younger, fresher, and firmer, Kate now truly looks like something out of a horror movie, instead of just acting like one. Even professional surgeons are commenting on Kate’s new look, and how it should serve as a guideline as a big “DON’T!” From Bump Shack,

““Twist Of Kate” star Kate Gosselin looks absolutely unrecognizable in recent pictures, which fueled rumors the mother-of-eight was a victim of a bad Botox job. Yep, Kate looks like one even bigger Botox-ed mess than Megan Fox at “Jonah Hex” premiere.

Several plastic surgeons blast Kate’s surgeon for a terrible botox job. One even said Kate’s new face gives her a creepy funny Jack Nicholson look. Here is what they had to say:

“She looked much better in the earlier photo: great hair, nice smile and a normal brow position,” says Dr. Michael Olding, the chief of The George Washington University’s division of plastic surgery. “She has the typical appearance of Dysport or Botox poorly placed in the space between the brows where frown lines occur. (…) the lateral part of her brow is elevated in an abnormally high position, which my patients refer to as McDonald’s arches!”

Explains NYC-based Dr. Steven Pearlman, “The center of her eyebrows are dropped and spread, which can happen from Botox treatment of the forehead frown lines.”

ScientificSkin owner Dr. Kenneth Beer said: “This is a bad injection technique with poor placement. The injections were done in a cookbook pattern with no consideration for her particular anatomy. Her outer brow is too peaked, which gives her a devilish appearance.”

Can Kate fix this mess? Kate’s botched Botox can be corrected by even more Botox injection and she takes the risk to be permanently disfigured or she can wait “a few months for the Botox effects to subside.” LOL. Poor Kate!”

Maybe her new show should be called Twist of Face rather than Twist of Kate.

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