Jake Pavelka is an Idiot

I don’t think I’ve ever hated any Bachelor quite as much as I hate Jake Pavelka. The guy is obviously a fame whore, and I don’t think he really cared who he picked, as long as it kept him on TV for just a little while longer. But now apparently, Jakey-pooh needs some closure, and wants to give America a chance to see how “real” his relationship with Vienna Girardi by showing up on The Bachelorette on July 5. I’m also not watching that show this season so I have no idea why bringinga freshly-broken-up-Bachelor-couple is supposed to give hope to all those potential men, and Ali, but I’m sure Jake’s just happy that he’s going to be in the spotlight once again. The news comes from US,

“Fresh off their dramatic split, Jake and Vienna will meet again — in less than two weeks.

Jake Pavelka tells Extra that he’ll reunite with Vienna Girardi on the July 5 episode of The Bachelorette.

“Hopefully, it’s gonna be some closure for me,” Pavelka, 32, says of their televised meeting, declining to go into specifics. “America was there and stood with at the birth of our relationship, and I think I owe it to them an to myself and Vienna and let everybody be there at the end of it. That everybody understands it was real. ”

Indeed, the new issue of Us Weekly reports that, despite growing tensions in their relationship, Pavelka was blindsided by Girardi’s recent fling with Greek star Gregory Michael.

“He has no tolerance for infidelity,” a source tells Us Weekly of Pavelka, who found out the sad news Monday. (Girardi denied the allegations via Twitter).

Pavelka tells Extra “I don’t regret” giving Girardi the final rose on The Bachelor several months ago. “I regret what is happening right now. But I don’t regret the decision that I made. I made the best decision on The Bachelor.”

I’m trying really, really hard to understand this, but I just can’t. Going on television to prove that something is real? That just doesn’t make any sense to me. Although I guess in Jake’s case, it’s not real unless it is on TV. And what happened to all that privacy the two of them wanted right after they broke up? They’re okay with giving that up now and going on national television two weeks after their split?

I think if anything, all this does is prove how contrived, ridiculous, and pathetic The Bachelor is. And I really hope that people are going to stop putting Jake on television. If he really wants to become a star, he should go on auditions and try to make his name the same way other celebrities do. Of course, he’s probably tried that route and found out he couldn’t act so he’s tried to become famous by just being Jake. Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s going to last too much longer for him either.

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