I Guess Amy Winehouse and Blake Didn’t Remarry After All

I’m so confused. But then again, whenever Amy Winehouse’s name is mentioned, I’m usually engulfed in a cloud of chaos and confusion anyway. Last I heard, Amy was getting ready to remarry Blake Fielder-Civil, the two were happy happy, and to hell with whatever her family had to say about it. But, I guess that’s not actually the case as Amy has actually gotten herself a new boy toy. But that doesn’t mean that she’s stopped thinking about Blake, nor does it mean that she doesn’t want him back. This latest report comes from Digital Spy,

“Amy Winehouse is feeling torn between new lover Reg Traviss and ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, a report has claimed.

The singer’s dilemma began after Fielder-Civil expressed his heartbreak over their split in a series of emotional phone calls, according to the Daily Star.

A source told the newspaper: “Blake is driving Amy mad by constantly ringing her. He’s desperate to get her back and keeps saying, ‘How could you do this to me? We’re soulmates. I love you’.

“Amy doesn’t know what to do as she’ll always love Blake. But her new boyfriend has been given the thumbs-up from her family and is keeping her on the straight and narrow.”

The insider added: “It will definitely take more than Reg for Amy to forget about Blake. He’s in her bones. She feels torn between her new clean-living boyfriend, who’s been a great influence on her life, and Blake, her true love and party friend. Who knows which way she’ll turn?”

Winehouse started dating Traviss earlier this year shortly after her latest split from Fielder-Civil.”

No, dating someone just because they make your parents happy doesn’t always seem to work out. Especially when her ex-husband is still running through her veins just like the crack that they used to smoke together. I don’t know what Amy’s going to do about her love life, and honestly, I don’t really care. What I do know however, is that when you’re most famous for who you’re dating or married to, your career is pretty much over.

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