Did Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Break Up?

I am very, very skeptical about this story. Even though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haven’t come out and publicly said that they’re dating, we all pretty much know that they are. Or were, if you believe this latest rumor surrounding the two. Apparently, Rob and Kristen have broken up due to the fact that Kristen is “a downer” and that she “complains about everything.” The report comes from Life & Style, which pretty much means to me that it’s untrue from the get-go. But, there are a few other reasons why I don’t believe this too. But mostly, it’s because it came from Life & Style. Who also, by the way, also printed on the same cover that Sandra Bullock was already dating again. Yeah, right. This is what they said about Rob and Kristen,

“Robert Pattinson has had enough of Kristen Stewart’s negative attitude and finally called it quits, Life & Style has learned.

In fact, Life & Style can reveal that Rob broke things off with Kristen earlier this year. “When Rob was back in the U.K., he was totally fed up with Kristen and over it. He told her, ‘We’re done,'” an insider tells Life & Style. “Rob says she complains about everything and is such a downer. But when he meets up with her they start flirting again and get caught up in all the romance.” But impulsive hookups aren’t enough. Unlike his character, Edward, Rob feels he hasn’t found his soul mate and is keeping his options open.

The magic may have drained from his and Kristen’s relationship, but Rob clearly hasn’t given up on his fairy-tale ending. “There are still a lot of people in the world who desperately want to keep real romance alive,” Rob has said. “It sounds lame, but it’s the truth.”

Alright, there are a few reasons why this is not true. First, if they had broken up earlier in the year, why have they been seen out holding hands and sneeking kisses and such since then? Secondly, the quote that Life & Style takes from Rob was probably taken a long time ago and has nothing to do with this latestrumor that the magazine has trumped up. That’s evident with the fact that Life & Style even claims that Rob “has said” that. Past tense. Meaning that Rob nor Kristen has even talked to them about the breakup and that any source the Life & Style has is probably someone who works for the magazine and is facing a slow news day.

And my last reason for believing that there is no substance to this story is the fact that if Kristen is in fact as miserable as the media makes her out to be (and I don’t even think that’s true), Rob has known that for some time and either he digs it or he doesn’t. If they were to break up, I don’t think it would be over that. Not to mention the fact that the two do seem totally happy and in love and that it would take more than just a bad attitude (whichKristen doesn’t even have) to break that up.

I’m sorry to all the girls out there who desperately wish this was true because they’re in love with Rob and despise Kristen. But I can almost guarantee you that this rumor is just that – a rumor.

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#1 Haha... on 06.20.10 at 10:38 pm

I do not believe this to be true, because magazines lie ALL the time!!! Plus Rob seems like he’s the sweet and patient kind. Anyway I went on the site where they Rob and Kristen spoke to Oprah privetly and told her they were dating and that was in May so if he broke things off with her “later this year?” that makes no sense! Sooo “life&style” need to get a life cuz they’re pathetic A holes!

#2 kateb on 06.21.10 at 4:41 pm

Yeah, I don’t believe it either. I posted about that Oprah episode too http://www.hollywoodheartbreaker.com/2010/05/08/kristen-stewart-and-rob-pattinson-remain-coy-about-their-relationship/ and you’re right, it was back in May. Who knows if that story was true or not either but, this one definitely has no backing whatsoever.

#3 Mariah on 06.24.10 at 8:13 pm

Omg thank you so much i mean they were really a cute couple i soo felt like catchin a flight and being the new Dr.Phil and put their relationship back together.

#4 tina on 07.19.10 at 4:38 pm

yeah i dont belive it either cuz if they broke up how would they want to make breaking dawn?righ?and mgazines always lie!eg:onece ive heard from a magazine that zac and vanessa had broke up and then it turned out to be wrong cuz THEY WERE MARRIED!!
so yeah im not worring about a thing!!!!

#5 vampire on 06.03.11 at 4:37 am

i hope this is not true there so lovly together and this years 2011 mtv movie awards wont be as much fun.

tell me anyone if this is true.

#6 vampire on 06.03.11 at 4:39 am

i hope this is not true there so lovly together i also heared they were engaged how can they be engaged then break up it does not make any sence.

#7 snickerz on 06.05.11 at 4:17 pm

i love the twilight saga and hope that the rumor of kristen stewart and robert pattinson is a lie! magizines always lie so u buy the next issue and waste your money. i tend to say that its the rumor that broke them up but it might also just be them. i think they are still in love because they were ment to be!

#8 Pearl on 06.12.11 at 11:40 pm

thank god this is not true cause i love them together

#9 Rhea Sawant on 06.21.11 at 3:22 am

i just hope n sometimes believe this is not true coz this never can happen they can never break up with eachother screw the macazines they just want ppl 2 read it n put any rumours n anyways the newspaper pf 17th said they r planning a wedding n sometimes even hollywood buzz is bullshit

#10 su on 12.05.11 at 8:58 am

omg! I dont want it(breakup) to happen.I mean they are one of the cutest & sweetest couple in hollyhood. They can’t break up like this.They should be together.

#11 xxchloexxx on 01.02.12 at 7:00 am

i love the twilight saga and hope that the rumor of kristen stewart and robert pattinson is a lie! magiznes always lie so u buy the next issue and waste your own money. i tend to say that its a rumor that broke them up but it might also just be them. i think they are still in love with each other and because they were ment to be. like on MTV movie awards they were laughing,smileing at easch other,talking ,having fun with each other.

#12 nadine siracusa on 08.01.12 at 8:05 am

I wish he would forgive her brad pitt did him and angelina and him are still together

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