Jane Lynch Talks About Glee and Coming Out

I don’t enjoy the show Glee at all, but I do really love Jane Lynch. And after this interview, I love her even more. In the interview, which comes from the print edition of Hello magazine, she gushes about her step-daughter, about her character, Sue Sylvester on the hit show Glee, and about being a lesbian. What I love most about when she talks about being gay is that she doesn’t try to hide it, yet she doesn’t flaunt it either. And I’m not saying that the wonderful women she mentions, such as Ellen, k.d. lang, or Melissa Etheridge flaunt it (I mean, my god, someone had to be the first to pave the way), but I just love the fact that she’s totally like, “Yeah, I’m gay. Moving on.” Read for yourself and fall in love with Jane just as much as I have! From Hello via Celebitchy,

“On her wedding this Memorial Day:
It was a lovely day. We were in Northhampton in Massachusetts, because that’s where my wife went to school, so it actually had some meaning to us. We had four friends each who came out, and their spouses, so it was really small and lovely with good food. It was a great day.”

On her eight year-old stepdaughter
“She is a piece of work! She is eight and a real character. She is more my daughter than my wife’s in a way, she’s a lot like me. Her little wedding dress was made out of this fabric that I’m wearing now.”

On coming out
“I never thought about it. I never hid who I was and nobody seems to care, anyway. I’m really grateful to Melissa Etheridge, k.d. lang, and Ellen and all those lezzies out there who had the balls, if you will to say, ‘This is who I am,’ and America went, ‘Sigh, okay.’ Then Jane Lynch comes along. I have theories on why it may be easier for women – maybe it is less offensive to people’s sensibilities.”

On singing and being front and center
“I am probably the worst singer on this earth, but I sing all the time. I am a character actor and usually play supportive roles. I’m used to coming in and leaving, not having my own story arcs. Now, I get episodes where I’m in almost every scene, so this has been great for me. This is my first time of being in the limelight where people are writing about me, so we are all having this experience together.”

On Sue Sylvester
“I think Sue Sylvester is attractive to people because she is so mean. She is that inner voice we all have that we would never say out loud. She has no filter and people love that. They love that she puts together these rambling sentences of condemnation that everyone wishes they could do, too. She isn’t dangerous, she’s laughable.”

On what’s coming up for Glee
“We are talking about doing a Bruce Springsteen episode which would be amazing.”

Shucks, Jane Lynch almost makes me want to watch Glee. I probably still won’t, but I’ll definitely still enjoy the previews that depict her as being such a nasty and mean gym teacher bitch. Congratulations on your wedding, Jane, and congratulations on well, just being you. You’re fabulous!

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