Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

I’m sure I’ve done a post with this headline before. In fact, I’m sure I’ve done a few posts with this headline before. It does seem like we are constantly asking if Mariah Carey is pregnant. Maybe because many people desperately want her to be, or maybe because her ever-expanding tummy from too many sandwiches makes it seem as though she always could be pregnant. I’m not too sure. But, this time, I think Mariah might really be pregnant.

The world has been on the Mariah-Carey-pregnancy bandwagon for a couple of months now and Mariah and her husband, Nick Cannon have always remained pretty coy on the subject, neither admitting or denying the rumors. And while they still aren’t confirming or denying, I really think this one might be it. Mariah has dropped out of a movie she had been filming for Tyler Perry, giving even more oomph to the pregnancy rumors, and Nick went onto Twitter to give us all a very vague message. The news about the dropped movie comes from Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“Mariah Carey’s abrupt withdrawal from Tyler Perry’s forthcoming film has prompted a response from the Precious producer. “I want a doctor’s note,” Perry joked in a letter on his website.

Many are suggesting that Carey dropping out of the movie based on Ntozake’s Shange’s play For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf is proof that the superstar singer, who recently celebrated her second wedding anniversary with Nick Cannon, is pregnant.”

Yeah, we’d all really like a doctor’s note too, stating specifically why she can’t work. But, I don’t see why Mariah would need to drop from a movie just because she’s preggers. How many actresses work in Hollywood and still continue to film even though they’ve got a bun in the oven? Although I can totally see Diva Mariah as getting into bed the second she finds out she’s preggers and making Nick and all her other slaves run around for her, taking care of her every whim. And while I usually wouldn’t place much stock in dropping from a movie as being enough reason to think the singer was pregnant, her hubby did send a very interesting Tweet to all of his followers. It reads, according to USA Today’s website,

“If & when my wife is ready to make ANY announcements about private matters she will do it personally. Thanks for being respectful GodBless”

That is the one that clinches it for me, and has me thinking that this time, the rumor could very well be true. I find that stars are usually quite adamant when a rumor about them is not true. And even though Mariah and Nick have remained coy in the past, they’ve sort of ignored the rumors and not addressed them directly. But dropping from a movie, giving vague and leading Tweets, all coupled with the fact that it’s no secret that Mariah has been wanting a baby for some time, and that she may have even been seeking in vitro fertility treatments, all have me thinking that little Mariah’s might really be on the way.

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#1 Mariah Carey Pregnant Or Not? | Not So Real News on 07.18.10 at 4:53 am

[…] Is Mariah Carey Pregnant? | Hollywood Heartbreaker | Mariah Carey Jun 10, 2010 … I’m sure I’ve done a post with this headline before. In fact, I’m sure I’ve done a few posts with this headline before.  […]

#2 Noushy on 08.14.10 at 3:35 am

Well? Is she or isn’t she??? The stories seem to swirl around; reach almost climax and then DIE!

Is she or isn’t she?

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