Are Halle and Gabriel Back Together?

Thanks to the National Enquirer, there are now conflicting reports on whether or not Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, who broke up in April after five years together, are getting back together or not. The Enquirer was the first to break the story that they are in fact getting back together and many blogs and magazines have picked up the story and are running with it. But, some sources say that might not be true.

If they are getting back together, it seems that Halle, Gabriel, and Nahla will be living in South Africa this summer as Halle makes a new film, and that the hope is that while they’re all there, Halle and Gabriel will be willing to work out their issues. If it is true, it seems to be that the reunion might be because Halle is just too scared about fighting Gabriel for custody, as he wants to take Nahla to Canada with him this summer should the couple split. And isn’t that just a horrible reason to get back together! Because of threats that someone’s going to take your kid away? I say take him to court, Halle, and fight him tooth and nail. Staying with someone who wants other women or losing your child are not the only options here! This is what the National Enquirer wrote when they broke the story,

“HALLE BERRY has taken back on-off lover GABRIEL AUBRY for the sake of their baby, sources tell The ENQUIRER.

The couple split in April after nearly five years together, but Halle has decided to give her hunky baby daddy a second chance because she doesn’t want a bitter custody fight for their 2-year-old daughter, Nahla.

The pair is now in couples’ counseling, and she’s asked Aubry – a $1 million-a-year male model – to join her and Nahla in South Africa this summer while she films action-thriller Dark Tide. Not only will Gabe be able to care for their daughter while Halle works, but the couple will also have time to see if they can rekindle their romance.

“At first it was a practical decision for Halle,” a close pal told The ENQUIRER. “But things quickly heated up and got emotional. Now they’re back together and giving their love a second try.”

Halle, 43, and Gabriel, 34, began dating in 2005, but reportedly broke up over his wandering eye and her persistent nagging.

The estranged couple, who never married, had been moving forward with a custody and financial agreement, but hit a snag when Gabriel insisted on taking Nahla to his native Canada for the summer, says the source.

Rather than launch what would have been a nasty custody battle, Halle “began to rethink the split,” the source said.

At first, she invited Gabe to stay in the huge guest house she’s renting in South Africa so he could be with Nahla.

“She would have needed to hire a nanny anyway,” explained the source.

“Now they’re in counseling, and they’re putting their hearts and souls into working through their issues.”

It being a “practical decision” and that Halle would need to “hire a nanny anyway” just don’t sound like great reasons to get back together with someone. What ever happened to still being in love with the person and not wanting to lose them? This just all sounds very wrong to me and if it comes out that Halle really is willing to overlook Gabriel’s wandering eye, all so that she can hang onto her daughter, then I might just lose a tiny bit of respect of her. I really thought she was stronger than that, and she might be.

According to Gossip Cop, who apparently is close to the situation, this story is all wrong. Mind you, their story comes from a “source” too, so it sounds like a case of anonymous word against anonymous word, if you ask me.From Gossip Cop,

“Oh yes, says [Perez] Hilton, whose so-called “insider” asserts, “Halle’s begun to hope they may make it as a couple for the long run. She said if things work out, she may even agree to finally marry Gabe.”

Enough, enough, enough!

Gossip Cop investigated this story, and a Berry confidante assures us that Hilton’s story (via the Enquirer) “is 100% NOT TRUE!”

Berry and Aubry “are still friends and raising their daughter,” adds our source who’s close to the Oscar-winner, “but that’s it.”

So it seems like we’re stuck at a standstill right now. Are Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry back together? I suppose like so many of these things, only time will tell. I’m leaning towards “not” and it has nothing to do with Gossip Cop’s side of things. I just think that if you’re willing to end something that was so great for five years, you would think long and hard and do whatever it took to make it work before deciding to call it quits. And I think that if you did come to the decision that it was time to break up, it would be for good. But who knows? Stranger things have happened.

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