Eeewww! Do You Want the Bed Jesse James Had Sex On?

Well it seems now that his rich wife, Sandra Bullock, has officially left him, Jesse James is starting to wonder where his next meal is coming from. So, just as any logical person would do in the situation, Jesse is starting to look for things of his that he can sell. The most envied item is the coffin-shaped couch that he and Bombshell McGee had sex on.

The official reason for selling the couch seems to be that Jesse wants to “rid himself of his past memories” but really, the guy is probably just really wondering how he is going to live now. He does have that burger shop in LA but Sandy, being the smart lady that she is, filed in Texas, where she’s from. And in Texas, the law says that you have to have been married for 10 or more years before there is any division of assets. A sweet law in this case, considering that Jesse and Sandra were married for less than 10 years, and that with all things being right in the world, Jesse shouldn’t see a dime of money from her because he decided to cheat, repeatedly and in despicable ways.

So now, back to the couch. Yes, it’s really Jesse’s and yes, Michelle was said to have confessed that she and Jesse had sex on that couch, or one that looksa lot like it. Not only is this disgusting enough, but the couch is being sold to the highest bidder, and if you want to own a piece of grotesque trash, your time is running out. From Gossip Center,

“As his shocking affair has started sorting itself out, Jesse James is trying to get rid of the memories of his past.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee admitted that while the two were having their tryst, they spent their first night together having sex on the coffin-shaped couch he had in his Long Beach, California, offices of his West Coast Choppers business.

Not trying to be reminded of his actions, Jesse has put up the couch up for sale on eBay! “Very cool custom couch out of West Coast Choppers,” says the ad. “Custom violet pearl paint and pinstripes by “HOTDOG” Pete Finlan. One of a kind!”

Customers have until June 7 to bid, while the current asking price is at $1,009.”

This is just so disturbing and it’s amazing how many disturbing facts and storieshave come out about Jesse James since the news of his affairs broke. He also said recently that he was probably “the most hated man in America at the moment,” and if that bothers him, he’s certainly not trying to help himself any with crazy acts like these.

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