Details on Katy and Russell’s Wedding

Ever since Russell Brand and Katy Perry announced their engagement early this year, the world has been abuzz with speculation about what their wedding will be all about. Well, that and the fact that these two are clearly gaga over each other, and might last longer than many people including myself, were thinking they would. But it seems that Katy and Russell don’t only haveto contend with rumors from the media, they also have to contend with rumors that their own friends are spreading.

One of those friends was Rihanna, who let it slip that the couple were going back to India to get married. But that actually wasn’t true. Rihanna did say that and apparently, Rihanna did think at the time that Katy and Russell were going to India to exchange vows. But now Katy has come out and said that Rihanna had her facts wrong and that she was confused. I wonder if this means that Rihanna was also “confused” about the fact that she’s Katy’s maid of honor. From SF Gate,

“Katy Perry has dismissed reports she and fiance Russell Brand are to wed in India, insisting pal Rihanna had her facts wrong when sherecently revealed all about the big bash.

Rihanna recently told Los Angeles DJ Ryan Seacrest she was struggling to come up with ideas for the “I Kissed a Girl” singer’s Indian-themed bachelorette party, and let it slip that the couple was planning to return to the place where they became engaged at the end of 2009 to exchange vows later this year.

But, appearing on the same radio show on Monday, Perry insisted Rihanna was “a little confused.”

She said, “I heard a rumor that someone dropped where we were getting married on a little radio program… I haven’t told her where we’re getting married. She thinks we were getting married in India.”

Perry refused to offer any clues about where she and Brand would be exchanging vows, but revealed it would be a “location” ceremony.

She coyly revealed, “I think it’s better to take people out of their comfort zone and mesh the group together.”

See? I just love this couple more and more. That’sexactly how I want to get married too, although I didn’t know they were now being called “location” weddings. One thing though that Russell and Katy are doing differently than I would, is in the way of presents. They don’t want any because, as Russell has recently said, it would be a “massive indulgence.” That might be true in their case, but I’m not rich so I would like some gifts at my party. But I applaud them for being so noble. This report comes from Celebrity Dirty Laundry and, seeing as how it comes straight from Russell’s mouth, this one’s probably true,

“British comedian Russell Brand and Katy Perry are due to tie the knot in October but aren’t expecting any gifts from their guests because they are fortunate to be able to afford most things they want. He said: “Given that Katy and I both have good jobs, we don’t want any presents. It would be a massive indulgence.”

As well as forgoing a wedding registry, the ‘Get Him to the Greek’ actor doesn’t want his friends to throw him a bachelor party because he no longer drinks or takes drugs. He said: “What would be the point? I’m not drinking, don’t do drugs anymore and I only sleep with Katy, so it would be more fun to just sit in an allotment and stare at a bunch of carrots.”

So there are the details as we have them so far. It does also seem to be known that the two are getting married at some time in October. So it will only be a few more months before we have all the details of what really happened. But, as you would only expect from Katy and Russell, it sounds like it’s going to be one hell of a bash.

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