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Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are Married!

I have to say, when I first heard the news that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had gotten married in Hawaii recently, I was very happy. But only because it meant that maybe, this on-again/off-again nonsense they constantly had going on would come to a stop. But, I don’t know. I look at the […]

Kate Gosselin Has Absolutely Hysterical Botched Botox Job

OMG, what a way to start a Sunday morning, with a good ol’ belly laugh on the behalf of Kate Gosselin, one of the biggest phonies I have ever seen. Just days after being asked what she thought about boob jobs, to which she replied, “Plastic surgery? It’s not for me, who has time?” or […]

I Guess Amy Winehouse and Blake Didn’t Remarry After All

I’m so confused. But then again, whenever Amy Winehouse’s name is mentioned, I’m usually engulfed in a cloud of chaos and confusion anyway. Last I heard, Amy was getting ready to remarry Blake Fielder-Civil, the two were happy happy, and to hell with whatever her family had to say about it. But, I guess that’s […]

Jake Pavelka is an Idiot

I don’t think I’ve ever hated any Bachelor quite as much as I hate Jake Pavelka. The guy is obviously a fame whore, and I don’t think he really cared who he picked, as long as it kept him on TV for just a little while longer. But now apparently, Jakey-pooh needs some closure, and […]

James Van Der Beek is Having a Baby!

Whenever I see James Van Der Beek, I can’t help but think of Dawson Leery. And I also can’t help but smile. There’s just something about that face, it’s so cute you just want to pinch his cheeks! But, it’s still weird for me in a way because I really hated Dawson Leery. Anyway, this […]

Jake and Vienna: Splitsville!

Seriously, if I were to ever appear on The Bachelor, and I wouldn’t be because I think it’s an embarrassment to women, I’d want to be one of the women that wasn’t chosen. Because two people walking away from the show seeming to be “happy and in love”, eventually end up broken-hearted and lonely a […]

Jennifer Garner is Most Likely Pregnant with Third Baby

It was just days ago that Jennifer Garner was spotted out and about, with what could have been a baby bump in disguise. As she kept blogs and magazines talking about whether or not it was a baggy shirt or indeed, a bump in hiding, she has since been spotted out with what clearly looks […]

Cutie Watch: Matt McConaughey, Camila, and Vida

It’s been a week of the stars spending time with those that are closest to them, their families! For our next Cutie Watch, we have Matt McConaughey, Camila Alves, and little Vida stepping out to enjoy all that New York City has to offer. It’s hard to tell, but I think those are deconstructed jeans that […]

Cutie Watch: Nicole and Sunday

Nicole Kidman flew back to, Australia, after being in the States to attend the CMT Awards with her husband, Keith Urban. Both Nicole and Sunday both looked very happy as they arrived at Sydney International on Tuesday morning. We don’t see Sunday nearly as much as we would like to, or as much as I would like […]

Did Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Break Up?

I am very, very skeptical about this story. Even though Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart haven’t come out and publicly said that they’re dating, we all pretty much know that they are. Or were, if you believe this latest rumor surrounding the two. Apparently, Rob and Kristen have broken up due to the fact that […]

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart Are Hitched!

Aw, they finally did it! Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart, after eight years of dating, have finally gotten married! There’s not a lot of information about the wedding except that it took place in New Mexico and that it sounds like it was a pretty small affair. From the Vancouver Sun, “Harrison Ford and Calista […]

Gary Coleman Didn’t Want to Die

Obviously. What that title actually means is that Gary Coleman had an official document that stated that he did not want the plug pulled on him should he ever be in that situation. And as we all know, Shannon Price, Gary’s ex-wife, pulled the plug on him after he’d only been hooked up to life […]

Jane Lynch Talks About Glee and Coming Out

I don’t enjoy the show Glee at all, but I do really love Jane Lynch. And after this interview, I love her even more. In the interview, which comes from the print edition of Hello magazine, she gushes about her step-daughter, about her character, Sue Sylvester on the hit show Glee, and about being a […]

Bump Watch: Kelly Preston!

It was just days ago that I posted about the announcement Kelly Preston made on her own blog that she and John Travolta were expecting and now we already have baby bump photos! No wonder people were speculating that she may be having twins, Kelly’s already pretty big for just having made the announcement last […]

Scarlett Johansson & Ryan Reynolds to Adopt!

According to Star Magazine and an insider source that they have, Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson are ready to adopt a baby! And according to the reports, they’re choosing to adopt from either Ghana or Ethiopia. Why not? It seems to be the trendy thing to do these days. The report originally came from Star, […]

Has Kate Hudson Found her Muse?

Not being one to like staying single for too, too long, Kate Hudson has now sparked rumors that she may have a new man on her arm, and that new man is Matt Bellamy, from the music group, The Muse.  But the two are keeping things quiet for now, before they go public next month. And […]

Are Halle and Gabriel Back Together?

Thanks to the National Enquirer, there are now conflicting reports on whether or not Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry, who broke up in April after five years together, are getting back together or not. The Enquirer was the first to break the story that they are in fact getting back together and many blogs and […]

Is Mariah Carey Pregnant?

I’m sure I’ve done a post with this headline before. In fact, I’m sure I’ve done a few posts with this headline before. It does seem like we are constantly asking if Mariah Carey is pregnant. Maybe because many people desperately want her to be, or maybe because her ever-expanding tummy from too many sandwiches […]

Kelly Preston and John Travolta Expecting!!!

I am so thrilled about this news!!! After all the tragedy this family experienced last year with losing their son, Jett, Kelly Preston and John Travolta are expecting a baby!! I don’t know how I missed this announcement when it made the rounds in the middle of May, but I’m glad I finally got my […]

Is Jennifer Garner Pregnant?

Oh, I’m telling you, it has been far too long since I’ve been able to do a story on Jennifer Garner! And I didn’t even realize it until I saw this picture and realized just how big Violet and Seraphina are getting. And they’re both so totally cute too, aren’t they? Well, Celebitchy got this […]